Hlala restaurant close to Kiyomizu temple, Gion

Halal restaurant closest to Kiyomizu Temple! Okabeya offers authentic Kyoto cuisine.

The most visited touristic spot, Kyoto

Almost all of the travelers head to Kyoto to experience what is truly Japan, and there is no wonder that Kiyomizu Temple is also one of the lists that people put in their Kyoto visit. This Buddhist temple on the cliff is something pretty unique, and we cannot find something similar in other parts of the world.

Okabeya, an authentic Kyoto restaurant, is offering Muslim-friendly cuisine, just a stone throw away place from Kiyomizu temple. Since they used to have Halal certificate, they know what needs to be done to ensure Halal cuisine.

What do they offer at Okabeya?

When it comes to think about the local cuisine, it is probably Tofu. This is because in Buddhism tellings, it is highly recommended to stay as a Vegetarian to stay away from what is considered as against their tellings. Still, monks have to take protein, so they have variety of Tofus in Kyoto, a place where many Buddhist temples exist.

Okabeya is a restaurant that offers authentic Tofu. Tofu can be cooked in various ways, but Kyoto style is rather simple. Their specialty is Yudofu, Tofu cooked in hot boiled water. Yudofu is enjoyed with vinegar or some accompaniments suck as leeks or ginger.

Credit: https://www.okabeya.com/menu/yudoufu.html

They also have variety of Tofu dishes. However, as they cannot use certain seasonings, please ask the restaurant what they can prepare for Muslims.

Why is the restaurant recommended for Muslims?

Tofu itself is Halal, but there is another reason why this restaurant should be chosen by Muslims. This is because they used to have Halal certificate that proves their knowledge for Halal meal cooking is quite great.

They did not renew their certificate, however, they can still apply the same way of cooking, just like when they were certified. This means they use Halal seasonings and ingredients, but also to separate the kitchen tools and facility.

Their understanding towards the importance of pray is awesome, too. They were so kind that they have let us use their room, although it was a very sudden request. As Kyoto is always crowded and it is not easy to make our way to a masjid, this is something that will please all the Muslim travelers.

Details of the restaurant

The restaurant is the closest Halal restaurant to Kiyomizu Temple, located in the center of Gion district. As restaurant is always full, it is strongly recommended to make a reservation with a Halal meal request.

Name: Okabeya ( おかべ家)
Genre: Japanese Tofu
Tel: 075-541-7111
Address: 239 2chome, Kiyomizu Kiyomizudera Monzen, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto 京都府京都市東山区清水寺門前清水2丁目239