New Muslim-friendly restaurant in Sapporo, Dekitateya

New Muslim-friendly option available in Sapporo! Dekitateya.

Seafood heaven, Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is one of the most popular touristic places in Japan. As the prefecture is surrounded by huge ocean, it is also a seafood heaven, which is also a reason why it can be often chosen by Muslim travelers.

We are so happy to announce you that we have found another Muslim-friendly restaurant in Sapporo that features great seafood! The name is Dekitateya.

Let us remind you that the restaurant is using only seafood, but their soy sauce / broth may be containing residual alcohol.

What is Dekitateya offering?

They specialize in seafood that is caught in Hokkaido. As Hokkaido is located up northern part of Japan, the selection is a lot different from what we have in the mainland. This is the reason why even normal Japanese people are trying to look for a seafood gourmet when traveling to Hokkaido.

They have variety of great seafood meals, but their recommendations are either grilled or as Sashimi. With a cup of freshly steamed rice, they believe that the customers can never stop eating.

Seasoned rice is also available with a small charge

They offer another portion of rice for free, including even pickles! There is a place where you can help yourself to pickles, which can be an interesting experience for you.

They also serve you a hot soup, which is to pour onto the rice. This is a kind of broth to make Ochazuke, a Japanese way of finishing the meal.

So, why can we say the restaurant is Muslim-friendly?

This is because the restaurant only handles seafood. In most of Japanese seafood restaurants, they still use non halal meat for their Miso soup or for their small appetizer, which makes Muslim customers worried. This also causes contamination in the kitchen so we cannot strongly recommend these restaurants to you.

However, Dekitateya, as of June 2024, they said that they only use seafood in the restaurant.

”We used to have Chicken Karaage in our menu, and we shared frying oil with other seafood dishes. However, because we no longer serve meat products in our restaurant, you will not have to worry about such contamination anymore”, a staff told us.

Frying oil only cooks seafood.

“However, because our other branches still have Chicken products, please avoid the fried dishes in case you would like to avoid this risk”.

Another thing that we have to remind you is that they may have used seasonings with residual alcohol, which can be found in soy sauce, Miso paste, some grilled fish with sweet paste because this may have Mirin alcohol.

This amount is not enough to intoxicate someone, but please avoid them if you want to avoid such dishes.

Want to learn more about our seasonings?

Details of the restaurant

Dekiotateya is located at a very convenient place called Stellar Place at Sapporo station. It takes only about 5 minutes from JR Sapporo station.

Name: Dekitateya
Address: 6th Flr., JR Tower Stellar Place, Nishi 4 chome, Kita 5jo, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 北海道札幌市中央区北5条西4丁目 JRタワーステラプレイス 6階
Tel: 070-2240-3561
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

As the restaurant is not only targeting non Japanese customers, the price is quite reasonable. The pice is between 1500 yen-2000 yen. Enjoy a great taste from Hokkaido!