USJ Halal food

【2023 Update】USJ, Universal Studios in Osaka, what Muslims should know to reach Halal food?

Universal Studios in Osaka is one of the main destinations that tourists want to go. The theme park has realized the world of movie in Hollywood as well as Japanese anime. They are also an amusement park, where we can enjoy riding on a roller coaster, too.

However, the concerns for the Muslims who are planning to go to the park is always food. There are some precautions that Muslims have to know to reach Halal food in Universal Studios. Let us give you some tips before going to the park.

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Is re-entry to the park allowed?

The biggest difference between Universal Studios and Disneyland is if the re-entry is permitted or not. Tokyo Disneyland enables customers to re-enter the park on the same day by having their hand stamped, however, Universal Studios does not let customers to come back, unless they have an annual ticket.

Because of this rule, it is not possible to get out of the park to have a Halal meal. Eating within the park or bringing your own food will be the only option, unlike Tokyo Disneyland. This is the reason why Muslims have to be very careful and plan well on what to eat.

Is there any Halal food within the park?

As of May 2023, they do not say “Halal” food, but there are some vegetarian and “No pork and No alcohol meal” instead.

Low Allergen Curry and Rice

They have Curry and Rice as a menu without allergen. This does not contain any meat or alcohol according to the information published by the park. Unfortunately, the toppings for this menu contain meat, so only plain Curry and Rice will be a Halal menu.

This menu is served in quite many restaurants within the park, which you can find in their official website by selecting low-allergen menu. You can check the newest information of low-allergen menu here, page available only in Japanese.


Vegetarian Curry and Rice

There is also a vegetarian Curry and Rice served at Studio Stars Restaurant and Discovery Restaurant. It clearly mentions that there is no pork or alcohol used, so we guess that these restaurants aim to have Muslim guests.

There are two types of curries, one with 9 kinds of Vegetables and Fruits, another one is Potato and Herb. The curry is served along with a gateau chocolat and a glass of drink.


Pizza and Pasta

In the restaurant Luis N.Y. Pizza Parlor, there is a menu without meat. They have Margarita and Quatro Cheese as no-meat pizza. However, unlike Studio Stars and Discovery restaurants, it does not say alcohol-free, so the sauce may contain a little bit of alcohol.


In Japanese restaurant Saido, they offer Murasaki no Gozen, a Sashimi Set. Although there could be some residual alcohol in the soy sauce or Miso soup, it is totally free-from meat. Bring your own Halal soy sauce will let you enjoy the meal without being worried.

Allergen information can be checked on their website at this page, by selecting meals without chicken, beef, pork and gelatin. Please check the most updated Information by yourself. Information is only available in Japanese. 

What if we want to have a meal outside of the park?

If you would like to eat outside of Universal Studios, then you can go to Universal City Walk. It takes about 9 minutes by walk or by train from the entrance gate of Universal Studios.

Universal City Station

There is a famous Halal restaurant Red Lobster, just like Tokyo Disneyland. The great thing is that this restaurant is located right in front of the park, so you would not waste time to get there. Beef bowl, Vegetable Penne and Butter Chicken Curry is their Halal menu, along with other seafood menus.

There are also other restaurants such as Bubba Gumb for American style shrimp, Ganko for Japanese cuisine, or Fun Fun for rice balls. Though they do not declare themselves as Muslim-friendly, there is a menu without Pork and Alcohol.

Details of Red Lobster is as follows:

Name: Red Lobster at Universal City Walk
Address: 5th Flr., Univesal City Walk Osaka, 61-2-6 Shimaya, Konohana Ward, Osaka, Osaka 大阪府大阪市此花区島屋6-2-61 ユニバーサル・シティウォーク大阪5階
Tel: 06-6940-6351
Opening hours: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. (Last order should be taken by 10:00 p.m.)

Information given is based on as of May 2023. Please check the most updated information before going by yourself.  Please use your own discretion to decide if you would like to consume the meal or not.