Kura Sushi at Dotonbori
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Is Kura Sushi in Japan Halal? This is the answer.

Popular revolving Sushi restaurant from Japan.

Kura Sushi (くら寿司), or pronounced as Kura Zushi in Japanese, is the biggest Sushi chain in Japan. There are around 560 branches world-wide, including some in the United States and Taiwan.

Many foreigners are excited to visit the restaurant, because they are revolving Sushi with very interesting facilities! Let’s get to know more about Kura Sushi today.

Kura Sushi at Dotonbori
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How is Kura Sushi special?

Kura Sushi is a revolving Sushi bar or Sushi on the run restaurant. The system of the restaurant is made super easy so that the foreigners do not have to worry about communication at all.

Kura Sushi has made their facility very unique and special. All the Sushi on the carousel is put in a small dome-shaped container to keep hygiene, and you have to remove them out of the container when it is still running. The container is a bit hard, and it needs small technique to open.

If you visit the restaurant for the first time and not sure how you can open, then ask a staff, they are very nice to tell you how you can do that.

The carousel runs quickly.

Additionally, when you order a special menu from a tablet, they are delivered to your table on the faster carousel that runs above the normal one. The speed is so fast that you may feel as if the menu you have ordered are “shot” from the kitchen.

This speed will make you wonder if the shape of the Sushi or the soup of the noodle are okay, but the Japanese technology made it possible. It is just like an entertainment.

Well, there is a real entertainment, too.

When you finish your plate, you can put them into the stowage. They will count the number of the plates, and every time you reach 5 plates, you can play with a capsule toy machine! If you are lucky, you can get a small souvenir from the machine.

Capsule toy machine after every 5 plates.

So, is the Kura Sushi in Japan Halal?

Now our Muslim readers are wondering if Kura Sushi is Halal or not. Of course, it is a Sushi restaurant, so there are not so many menus that use meat.

However, we have to say that Kura Sushi is not Halal because of their rice and soysauce.

When we enter the restaurant, there are some papers on the wall. These papers are actually certificates to clarify where the fish is from or what ingredients are used in the restaurant. By looking at this paper, unfortunately, we have found that Kura Sushi is using vinegar that contains alcohol.

It clearly says that it uses Alcohol for their vinegar.

When we make Sushi rice, we have to put some vinegar into rice, and Kura Sushi is using the one that contains alcohol. If alcohol is used in the Sushi rice, then all the Sushi could contain alcohol in Kura Sushi. This amount is small and not enough to intoxicate someone, but if you are keen to avoid all of alcoholic seasonings, then the Kura Sushi should be avoided.

There was no information found about the soy sauce they are using, however, there is a high possibility that they are using soy sauce that contains alcohol, too.

In conclusion

Kura Sushi offers good quality Sushi at reasonable price, and their entertainment is something that we want you to try. We are not judging if the food is Halal or not, but this is the truth about the ingredients at Kura Sushi. We hope you find this information helpful.

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