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“She knows what we need”, a customer’s voice for our Halal Travel Concierge.

Welcome to Japan!

We have just welcomed our guest from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., and she returned with full of joy and unforgettable memories. She is very nice to give us a permission to share her experience with us, using some of her pictures.

Sample picture.

She came to Japan on her business trip and then wanted to see Japan in 8 days. She was a solo traveler. Let’s see her discoveries!

What is Halal Travel Concierge?

It is basically to prepare everything travelers need. From their perfect accommodation, transportation, excursions, souvenir arrangement or even luggage delivery.

This business needs National License and Permission from government, which we are fully authorized to. We see some companies doing this in Japan, but please be careful, that it is against law and your right is not protected.

She used the following services:

Itinerary Planning

She wanted to go to Mario World at USJ, Ghibli Park in Aichi, Mt. Fuji and Private Hot Spring. She was first not really sure if she can do them all while visiting Tokyo, Nara, Osaka and Kyoto, all in her 8 days trip.

Yes, we made it all! As you may know, Ghibli Park is one of the most difficult places to go for foreigners, because their ticket is always sold out.

When we accepted her request, it was all gone, too. However, using our resources as a Travel Agency, we have managed to get the very last ticket available, which has made her very happy.

Ghibli’s warehouse

Restaurant/Hotel/Ryokan reservation

As she liked to feel Japanese nature, we suggested her some of the hotels that are facing to nature, as well as some cafes.

There are not so many Ryokan with Private onsen AND Halal food, but we can! We suggested her two options, and she loved the choice we made. She was so excited to enjoy a private Onsen, as well as Halal food prepared in the Ryokan. This was a very luxurious and special moment for fer in Japan.

She enjoyed Halal Beef Sukiyaki! From her Story on IG.


She also wanted someone to take her around. As she is a Lady traveler, she wanted to make sure that these Guides are all ladies.

Our Guides will not explain history, but they are full of hospitality, and made her journey an unforgettable one.

Every one of you has treated me like a real family, and I was so sad when we had to say good-bye.”, she told us.

With our Muslima guide.

Translator Service

Even though we are well-prepared, there is a case where she needed a translator, just like she has to get a medication from a pharmacy.

We are there to help! We translate the sentence into Japanese and send it to her through WhatsApp, which she just has to show it to a Japanese staff.

Translator service through WhatsApp.

Luggage delivery

Her concern was to carry her big luggage, because she also had a business trip, and they were very heavy. We have ensured she gets her luggage delivered to her place on time, so she did not have to carry her luggage at all, even to the airport!!

The procedure to ship the luggage is very simple, but as there is no service in English, you definitely need an assistance from a Japanese to do this. We have sent luggage tags in advance, to let her travel light.

Luggage delivery arrangement.

What was her overall rection towards Japan and us?

“It was my dream to travel to Japan, and I have finally made it. Everything was just beautiful and beyond expectation.”.

However, of course, I had a concern as a Muslima traveler because of Halal and the language barrier, but Kanako, who was in charge of my trip, made everything possible.

As she lived in Dubai for so many years, she knows what us Arabs need, and served me accordingly.

I am so grateful that she helped my experience in Japan, and I will definitely come back to this country.”

Thank you so much for traveling with us! We are looking forward to welcoming you back.

Halal Navi