Samurai Ramen

Take Halal Japanese Ramen for your souvenir! Samurai Ramen Umami

Dreaming of Halal Japanese ramen in your home country?

Ramen is one of the most popular and favorite Japanese dishes for many tourists, and they try to eat as many times as possible while being in Japan.

However, it is very difficult for Muslims to take Ramen back home as a souvenir, because most of ramens which are made super easy to cook contain lots of food additives whose sources are unknown, as well as pork / animal products and alcoholic seasonings.

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There is no Halal Ramen that can be a souvenir from Japan? Don’t worry! Yes, there is one recommendation for Muslims. The product name is Samurai Ramen Umami.

Tell us more about Samurai Ramen Umami.

Samurai Ramen Umami is produced by a company called Funfair Ltd., but the noodle is manufactured by a company Higashimaru. Higashimaru is a famous company that produces instant Dashi stock, so their knowledge on making tasty stock is used in the ramen.

However, Samurai Ramen Umami is not Halal certified. Then why can we say the item is Halal?

This is because the Ramen is completely free from animal products, alcohol or MSGs! The product is made as vegan food and thanks to the fact that there is no alcohol used, we can say that the product does not contain any restricted ingredients for Muslims.

This is the reason why the product is chosen as a Japanese souvenir by so many foreign tourists, who has various dietary restrictions.

How is the taste of the Ramen?

Now you must be thinking, though the food is Halal, the quality should not be that nice. To find this out, we bought two types of Samurai Ramen and tried them.

There are two types of ramens. The one in white package has garlic and onion powder, while another one in red package has none of them to be made as Chinese vegetarian. Each package has two portions of ramens.

The recipe is quite simple.

Just boil 400ml of water and cook the noodle for 2.5-3 minutes, unfolding the noodle in the hot water. You can add any vegetables like cabbage, bean sprout or spring onions, meat or egg as you like. Add the soup stock at last, and that’s it! Ramen is ready to eat.

The recipe is written in a funny way, just like an old Japanese Samurai speaks.

The noodle soup is not soy sauce or salt flavor, which are the most basic flavor among Japanese, because the ramen is made for foreigners who have different preference. The soup was inspired by soup of a ramen called TanTan Noodle.

This noodle is originally from China, which has a spicy red oil and sesame paste, with some mincemeat on top. Well, the soup of Samurai Ramen is not an authentic Tantan Noodle, but the thickness of the soup that comes from sesame paste is actually similar to the noodle.

It is so yummy, and we are sure that you can never tell that this is a vegan ramen which does not have any animal ingredients.

Noodle is so chewy, too. You can never tell this is completely vegan!

More details about Samurai Ramen Umami!

Detail is as follows:


Noodle made from flour and salt, Soup from Miso, Soy sauce, protein hydrolysate, sesame oil, salt, brown sugar, ground sesame, yeast extract, ginger paste, spicy sesame oil, Seaweed extract, Shiitake mushroom powder, carbonated water, thickener + ground garlic and onion powder for white package


330 yen for a package with 2 portions.

Expiry date

1 year after the production date

English recipe also available.

Where can we buy the product?

The product is available on Amazon, and some countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have them imported. There was a food stall in Asakusa, Tokyo, where people could eat and buy the product directly, but unfortunately it is closed as of April 2023.

Still, there is one restaurant in Osaka that handles Samurai Ramen. It is a famous Halal restaurant called Matsuri (日本食レストラン 祭 – MATSURI-). Details are as follows.

Name: Matsuri 日本食レストラン 祭 – MATSURI-
Genre: Japanese
Address: 17-27-3 Yoshino, Fukushima Ward, Osaka, Osaka 大阪府大阪市福島区吉野3-27-17
Tel: 06-6940-6633

Minimum order on Amazon is 3 packages / 6 portions, however, you can take them with you while traveling, just in case you cannot find any Halal food in your trip.




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