Vegan and halal instant noodle in Japan

Another Vegan instant noodle that can be Halal! Available in Japanese supermarkets.

Reasonable and easy to get.

The 3 most favorite Japanese foods that tourists want to try are BBQ, Sushi and Ramen. As Ramen is the only thing that can be brought back to the country, it seems like more and more people are looking for instant noodles.

As instant noodle contains lots of chemical ingredients, it is the last food that we can recommend to Muslims…Don’t worry! We are writing this article to update you with another Halal instant noodle.


Who made this Halal instant noodle?

It is an instant noodle supervised by a vegan restaurant in Tokyo, T’s restaurant. Although this restaurant is more like a vegan than a Halal restaurant, they also take care of Muslims to achieve food diversity.

Their restaurant menu shows if alcohol is used or not, which is indicated by a Muslim-friendly mark. There is no meat products, however, this restaurant also can be a Halal restaurant.


Muslim-friendly option is indicated by purple mark.

Well, why can we say that the noodle is Halal? This is because they clearly say that no Alcohol is used on their package.

How is this Halal noodle from T’s restaurant?

Now some of you may be wondering if the taste is satisfying or not, because they never use egg, milk, MSG nor animal-derived ingredients. To answer to your question, the taste was pretty good!

They have 3 flavors. Tantan spicy sesame, Hot and spicy soup and Soy sauce.

The Tantan noodle has thick sesame soup, which perfectly matches vegetables! What makes it unique is that they have Edamame green peas, which is not a very common ingredient for Tantan noodle.

The noodle has thin noodles, but it is more like a noodle made from rice, not from wheat. The sesame soup matches the noodle, and it was super good.

Rice noodle like texture and sesame soup

Where can we get this instant noodle?

This Vegan Noodle by T’s restaurant is available online, as well as in Japanese supermarket. If you go to Ito Yokado supermarket, you will find them in the shelf along with other health-conscious foods.

The price is about 240 yen.

If you have a chance, why not visit their restaurant in Tokyo?

Name: T’s restaurant
Address: G1 Flr., Luz Jiyugaoka, 6-9 2chome, Jiyugaoka, Meguro Ward, Tokyo 東京都目黒区自由が丘2丁目9-6 Luz自由が丘 B1F
Tel: 03-3717-0831
Opening hours: 11:30〜21:00 Last order by 20:30
Closed on: Irregularly, New Years Holiday