Kyoto’s traditional sweet with rich Matcha powder, Yatsuhashi from Tsujiri.

Japan’s No.1 Matcha Green tea brand from Kyoto.

As introduced in the article of Matcha Green Tea Latte, Tsujiri (辻利) is a company from Kyoto. With more than 160 years of history, it is definitely a company that leads green tea industry in Japan, but their products are not limited only to drinks.

They have variety of souvenirs, and they are available at airports, which enables travelers to buy one easier.

What is the recommendation for Muslims?

What we are going to introduce to you today is Yatsuhashi rice cake (八つ橋), a traditional sweet from Kyoto.

There are two types of Yatsuhashi, one is hard and crispy like cracker, called just as Yatsuhashi. Another one is called Nama or Raw Yatsuhashi, which we are going to introduce today.

Nama Yatasuhashi is made from a square-shape Mochi rice cake folded into a triangle, wrapping red bean paste inside. The sweet is so famous that most of the people who traveled to Kyoto would choose this sweet as their souvenir.

There are some other companies that sell Yatsuhashi, and they have some different flavors. However, Tsujiri has only one flavor; Matcha Green tea, their main product.

How it looks, it is powdered with soy bean.
Shogoin Yatsuhashi is No.1 brand.

Tell us more about Yatsuhashi from Tsujiri.

The sweet should be consumed as soon as possible, because Mochi is very soft, and it gets hard if eaten late. Generally, the expiry date is about a week after production date so it should be bought at the very last minute of your travel.

Mochi is slightly sweetened, and their soft but chewy texture is something very unique. The one from Tsujiri will be a perfect gift for someone who loves Matcha, because their green tea is of the best quality.


Sugar, Rice, White bean paste, red bean, Matcha Green tea, soybean powder, Agar, Enzyme


799 yen

Expiry date

about a week after production date

Ingredients of Yatsuhashi from Tsujiri.

Where can we find the product?

The souvenir is available at the major souvenir shops in Kansai region. As mentioned, the product has relatively a short expiry date, so try to get one as late as possible to ensure the quality.

Of course, Matcha Latte powder that we have introduced to you is another recommendation, and it lasts longer than this product. Whichever you choose, the souvenirs will be a great gift for your Muslim friends!

The product that we have introduced is not made as Halal or Muslim-friendly, so that there is a small risk of contamination, which we cannot be responsible of.  Please determine if the product is Halal or not by yourself.