Tsujiri Matcha Latte powder
Useful for travel

Tsujiri Matcha latte powder is a perfect Japanese souvenir for Muslims! This is why.

No.1 Japanese Matcha Brand, Tsujiri.

When people come to Japan, they would definitely try products made with Green Tea. It is not just a cup of green tea but also sweets and souvenirs. There is always a long queue in front of the cafes that offer green tea sweet. There are also so many green tea shops that have a long history, especially in Kyoto.

Image of Matcha Latte Powder.

Why not buy a souvenir to please someone waiting for you in your country? Tsujiri (辻利) Matcha Latte powder is our recommendation, which can be Muslim-friendly!

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What is Tsujiri and Matcha Latte powder?

Tsujiri (辻利) is a green tea company from Kyoto with more than 160 years of history. They have started as a tea leave shop and then as a tea stand, but their great reputation made them so famous that they have variety of green tea products available. One of their most-bought souvenirs from Japan is a Matcha Latte Powder.

How package looks.

The powder is made super easy to serve Green Tea Latte. Just dilute the powder with water or milk, cold or hot, and that’s it! After mixing up with a cup of water or milk, then a nice Green Tea latte is ready.

Another great thing about the product is that they are available in convenience store and supermarkets! Because they are also available in airport, not a small number of foreigners choose this product as a souvenir, too.

Is the product Halal? Answer from Tsujiri.

Detail of the product is as follows:


Sugar (made in Japan), Creaming powder (Dexedrine, plant-originated), glucose, Matcha green tea, dairy products, salt, yeast extract, emulsifier, Sodium caseinate, Acidity regulator, Stabilizer, Calcium phosphate, Flavoring


400 yen per a package

Expiry date

120 days

The ingredients mentioned on the package says that it contains emulsifier. From the label, we cannot tell if the emulsifier used in the product is animal or plant originated, so we have called the manufacturer to confirm which ingredients this emulsifier is made from.

Label of Matcha Latte Powder. It says it contains emulsifier.

The answer is it is made only from plant, like soybeans or palm, so we can say that so far this product does not contain any restricted ingredients, which is a great news for Muslims!  Of course, the product is not certified as Halal, so there might be a small risk of contamination.

How should we prepare the drink?

As mentioned, it can be diluted either with water or milk. One package contains about 200g of Matcha Latte Powder, and you will need approximately 17g to make a cup. Add 140ml of hot water, or 120ml of water and ice cubes to make cold one.

This Matcha Latte Powder can be even made into a sweet syrup by diluting with less milk. The official website says that by diluting 50ml of milk into 20g of Matcha Late powder is great for shaved ice!

The product is very reasonable and can be found easily even by a tourist, which is the reason why we can strongly recommend this product.

The product is not Halal certified or made as a Muslim-friendly, so that there is a small risk of contamination.  We are here to only translate the label, and it is your responsibility to determine if you consume the product or not.