Hirado Castle stay

Be the owner of a Japanese castle! Hirado Castle stay ensure the only experience for you.

Looking for an unique experience?

When many people think about Japanese culture, they will come up with the Japanese castle that was built in the medieval times. Each castle was built in order to protect their territory, to watch out the enemy, or simply to show their beauty.

Whatever the reason behind, what we can say is that Japanese castle is something that takes you to real Japanese world. Most of them are only open for tourists, but did you know that there is one castle where you can stay, just as a hotel?

Hirado Castle Stay is located in Nagasaki prefecture. Their plan includes literally everything, including breakfast and dinner. These are not made to be served for Muslims, but don’t worry! We as a travel agency can now make it suitable for our Muslim travelers!

Credit: https://www.castlestay.jp

What is Hirado Castle Stay?

Hirado has been a gateway to overseas. It was the only place where foreigners were allowed to stay in 18th century. There is a beautiful castle, Hirado Castle, which was built in 1718. Then to our surprise, this castle was refurbished into a hotel and is offering the only and unique experience for tourists.

Why the stay at Hirado Castle unique and special? This is because of their entire programme.

Castle Stay

You will be the owner of this Japanese castle. Hirado castle is open for visit, but only guests are allowed to stay overnight. They will welcome you as King, because you are really so. They will treat you with extra care and service, which are needless to say at the next level.

There is even a helicopter charter from Saga Airport to make you feel your experience is so special.

Credit: https://www.castlestay.jp


Their programme includes some special experience you can enjoy during your stay.

It is not only limited to Kimono and Samurai style Tea ceremony, but also horseback riding and even Kagura show! Kagura is a Japanese traditional dance that are often performed to God. Their Nagasaki style Kagura is performed right in front of you.

Just staying at this Castle ensures all the valuable Japanese activity for you.

Many people visit Japan to enjoy the various things at different places, but Hirado Castle Stay has everything altogether.

Credit: https://www.castlestay.jp

Is the hotel Halal?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Their plan includes dinner and breakfast with the freshest ingredients from local market, cooked in Japanese-French style, served in the tower as a full course. As is often the case with Japanese hotel, they are not using Halal ingredients.

As a travel agency that ensures comfortable and only Japan experience for Muslims, we have got in touch with the Hirado Castle, and asked if they can make something for Muslim customers.

They can not make it to a complete Halal style, but they have told us that they can change their menu to meet the demands from customer. The hotel is not sure what is needed. Because we are the most experienced travel agency to make it come true, if you are thinking about staying at this unique castle hotel, contact us from below.

Credit: https://www.castlestay.jp

How much is the stay?

The stay is limited to only one group per day to ensure private and luxurious moment.

The price for 2 persons is 670,000 yen. They can take up to 5 guests and this will be 950,580 yen. The price may vary depending on the date you will stay.

As everything is included and the hotel stay ensures the only unique experience, this stay is quite worth trying, especially for someone who is on a special occasion! Enjoy the luxurious and only experience in Japan.

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