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What should Muslims know about Japanese restrooms?

Japanese toilets, how are they?

When foreigners come to Japan, they are surprised to see there are free public toilets wherever they go: At station, shops, even in public parks! Toilets usually have papers equipped, and they are kept clean.

This is because keeping toilets clean is one of the etiquettes that we must follow, so that the Japanese people usually try to keep them clean and tidy.

One of the concerns Muslims have when they travel oversea is Toilets, or a facility to perform Istinja. Although the situation around toilets is good in Japan, because we are not a Muslim country, there are some differences.

Let us try to introduce to you what are the features of Japanese toilets and what Muslims should know about them. By reading this article, we are sure that you will know which toilet you should choose as a Muslim in Japan.

Types of toilets in Japan.

According to Japan Restroom Industry Association (日本レストルーム工業会), there are three types of toilets in Japan.

  • Sitting style toilet
  • Spray seat
  • Squatting style toilet

They have also set the pictogram as follows, which you may see while your travel.

Credit: https://www.sanitary-net.com/

What are the facts about Japanese toilets?

According to the survey done by the association in 2017, about 40% of the toilets at sightseeing sites are still traditional squatting style. Seeing the fact that more than 80% of the tourists from overseas prefer using sitting or western style, the Japan Tourism Agency is trying to increase the percentage of the western toilets. Squatting style is now disappearing.

For Muslim travelers, the toilet with shower facility is most welcomed, as the facility can be used easily to perform Istinja to keep hygiene. Let’s take a look at what is the Spray seat like in the next chapter.

Spray seat, this is Japanese technology.

Although squatting style is still prevailing in Japanese society, the spray seat or the western style toilet with shower facility is so advanced. Their technology will surely surprise so many of you. The features of the toilet are as follows:

  • Toilet lid opens/closes automatically upon entering/leaving the room.
  • Toilet seat is kept warm.
  • Equipped with shower, which you can adjust the amount of water, temperature and location of the shower.
  • Mute sound
  • Automatic flush
  • Automatic cleaning function
  • Deodorize
Square buttons from left: To stop, Shower, Soft Shower, Bidet shower for ladies.

Choose toilets with Shower!

We are sure that you are now surprised to see how advanced Japanese toilet is. Try to find the restrooms in the department store, restaurants or big station, because in these places you will most probably find the spray toilet.

In case you are not sure if you can find one, we would say it is better to carry a bottle of water to use them as an easy shower. Unlike other Muslim countries, there is no hand shower or backet with water in restrooms in Japan. There are some portable shower available on Amazon.