Hanami cherry blossoms
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Enjoy cherry blossoms, just like locals do! Advice for Muslims.

The best way to enjoy Cherry blossoms in Japan.

Many tourists coming to Japan must be excited to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Japan. It is cherry blossom time, which usually take place from mid-March until the second week of April. Though cherry blossom usually has a very short life, we Japanese also cannot wait for it to come.

By the way, do you know how Japanese people enjoy cherry blossoms or the term “Hanami”? By reading this article, you will know the way to enjoy cherry blossoms, just like locals do, as well as some precautions for Muslim travelers.

Hanami, flower viewing

A Japanese word Hanami (花見) is often heard during this time of the year. It literally means Flower (Hana) viewing (mi), which is generally used for cherry blossoms. Japanese people gather under the trees of cherry blossom and enjoy viewing the flower.

People gather under the trees.

People will sit on the poly tarp or small chairs that they brought. They also bring meals, sweets and drinks and enjoy conversation while enjoying the flowers. It is just like a party or picnic under the tree.

Of course, foreigners are welcomed to join Hanami! Well, there are some rules and tips that you have to follow, which we are going to show you now.

Before Hanami

First, check which place is open for Hanami.

Group of friends, colleagues or even relatives all try to take nice spots for Hanami, especially on weekends. It is said that it is the most important job for the worker who has just joined the company or the most junior person in the group.

We can actually pay for a company, which helps us to take the best spot on our behalf, too. It is just that crazy, but this is because Japanese business year starts in April, and they hold Hanami Party to get to know each other faster.

While Hanami

We can bring things as we like, unless there is restriction. In some sites, we can even enjoy BBQ!

In such sites, there usually are grills and charcoals for sale, just carefully check the information. Also, don’t forget to bring a poly tarp or small chairs with you.

Restrooms can be available, but no matter where you go, there is always a long queue. If you are taking your kids, be careful that it may take long time until your turn comes.

After Hanami

The most important etiquette is to take all the garbage and organize the things you have used.

Some Japanese people may enjoy Hanami until very late as long as the site is open, because cherry blossoms are lighted up during night. This is called Yozakura (夜桜), night cherry blossoms. This is another way of enjoying cherry blossoms.

Night cherry blossoms are mysterious but amazing.

Precaution of Hanami for Muslims.

One precaution for Muslims is that it is usually not restricted to drink Alcoholic beverage in the site.

Every year, there are some cases reported that people get drunk and go on a spree. It is becoming rare, but in worst cases, some of these drunk people get naked in front of other people. They get naked and dance in front of others because they believe it is something that entertains others.

Of course, now such cases are against local law and police may come to warn them if they do not stop, so you do not have to worry about this too much, however, drinking alcohol itself is not restricted and these drunk people may come to talk to you casually.

If this is not comfortable for you or for your family, then look for a site which does not permit people to drink, or just enjoy walking in the site.

In conclusion

Now you must be convinced how much Japanese people like cherry blossoms! It is the tree that tells us the arrival of spring. Enjoying Hanami is what you can do only in Japan, so why not take this opportunity to enjoy just like locals do?

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