6 Recommended Halal souvenirs from Osaka, this is the list.

Souvenirs from the city of gourmet, Osaka.

With EXPO held in 2025, the second biggest city of Japan, Osaka, is getting more and more vibrant. The city itself is known as Kuidaore, to lose all of your property on food, so that there are various choices for souvenirs, too.

Today, we are going to introduce to you the list of the souvenirs recommended for Muslim travelers. They are not Halal certified, however, from the ingredients shown on the package, at least there is no haram ingredients contained, which we call as Muslim-friendly.

In this article, we have ignored the risk of contamination, which can happen in some products that are manufactured in the same machinery or factory. This is because each souvenir shop is not a big company, and we can assume that they do not make many products in the same machineries.

Still, if you would like to buy a Halal souvenir, please check the Halal certified souvenirs from Osaka.

The list of the Halal / Muslims-friendly souvenirs

Let’s start from the list and the manufacturer.

Takoyaki sembei / Osaka Aji no Hompo

When it comes to talk about food in Osaka, we can never miss Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki! The sauce is very thick, yet it is so addictive, and it can be easily made into snacks. Takoyaki Sembei from Osaka Aji no Hompo, has created a rice cracker using this special sauce. They are using real octopus inside the snack, so the flavor is very crispy and yummy.


Flour, Egg, Sugar, Dried octopus, Dried leek, Powdered sauce (includes soybeans), Dried ginger, Dried seaweed, salt, trehalose, seasoning (Amino acid), Baking powder, Sorbitol, seasoning, coloring


Sweets made from potatoes can be Muslim-friendly, and this product is one of them! Sweet potato is a kind of dessert in Japan.

It is made from mashed sweet potato mixed with cream and butter and baked in the oven. As you can see, there is only natural ingredients so that in most of the cases, it can be accepted by many Muslims.

The products are made in the company from Kyoto, so that you may find the same product in Kyoto, too. There are 4 flavors for this souvenir, which are plain, salt, Matcha and purple potato.


Plain: Sweet potato, Sugar, Egg yolk, Butter (Fresh milk and salt), Cream, Trehalose, Flavor

Salt: all above + sea salt

Matcha Green Tea: All above + Matcha powder

Purple potato: All above + purple potato paste


270 yen

Expiry date

about a month

Purple potato
Matcha Green Tea

Kushi Warabi / Kyomachiya Sabo Sozen

Warabi Mochi is a traditional Japanese sweet that can be Muslim-friendly! The great thing about this souvenir is that they are using agar, a plant-based ingredient instead of Gelatin.

3 Mochi rice cakes are on skewers, which you can see sometimes in Anime. There are Roasted Tea, Chocolate, Kinako powdered soybean and Matcha Green Tea, so you would surely find your favorite one! Kinako and Matcha flavors are sold together, while Roasted tea and Chocolates are sold separately.

How package looks, Roasted Tea and Chocolate are sold separately, Kinako and Matcha are sold together as one.

Roasted Tea: Sugar, Powdered green bean, Roasted Tea, Glutinous rice, Powdered Warabi plant root, Salt, Agar, Starch, Trehalose, Enzyme

Chocolate: Sugar, Cocoa mass, Cacao nibs, Cocoa powder, Glutinous rice, Powdered Warabi plant root, Salt, Agar, Starch, Trehalose, Enzyme, Flavor

Kinako powdered soybean: Sugar, Powdered soybean, Glutinous rice, Powdered Warabi plant root, Salt, Agar, Cinamon, Starch, Trehalose, Enzyme

Matcha Green Tea: Sugar, Matcha, Powdered Green beans, Glutinous rice, Powdered Warabi plant root, Salt, Agar, Starch, Trehalose, Enzyme


Kinako and Matcha flavor: 594 yen

Roasted tea / Chocolate: 297 yen

Expiry date

about a month

Kompeito / Irie Seika

Kompeito is a type of sugar candy which was originally imported from Portugal in the era of Edo. The name came from a Portuguese word, Confeito, which means Candy, and now this snack became what represents Japanese sweets. Ingredients are very simple, which is the reason why many Muslims can try without hesitation.

They are packed in the cute, colorful tins, which can please someone who is waiting for you back in your country. There are four flavors: Plum, Roasted tea, Matcha Green Tea and Chocolate.

In a very cute tin with Japanese motifs!

Sugar, Coloring


540 yen

Expiry date

about a year

Osaka Tako (Ika) Karaage Sembei / Shofudo

No matter where we are from, we all love the taste of Karaage! You may think that Karaage is basically cooked with chicken, but did you know that Tako and Ika, Octopus and Squid, are also great ingredients, too?

They are seasoned and then fried in oil as it is. It is crispy and yummy, with a bit hard texture. We are sure that it would be very difficult to find the same product in your home country.


Octopus: Octopus, Starch, Plant oil, Kombu Seaweed Tea powder, Salt, protein hydrolysate from Soybean and wheat, Chilli, Sugar, Garlic powder, seasoning (amino acid), sweetening (stevia)

Squid: Squid, Starch, Plant oil, Salt, Chilli, Yeast Essence, Modified starch, Seasoning (amino acid), sweetening

*Seasoning may contain a very tiny portion of alcohol, depends on the brand the manufacturer uses. There is no Alcohol used, however, according to the label.


1,296 yen

Expiry date

about 4 months

Osaka Chiyoko / Amidaike Daikoku

The package of the souvenir is very impressive with a simple yellow umbrella. This souvenir is actually a chocolate snack that you can find in Don Quijote!

The chocolate is crunchy with corn flakes, with two different fillings inside: Almond and raisin. Chocolate in Japan could contain lots of haram ingredients such as liquor or emulsifier from animal, but this chocolate does not contain neither of them, according to the label.


Chocolate, Chocolate coating, Cornflakes, Waffle corn made from flour, sugar, corn starch and other ingredients, almond, raisin, emulsifier from soybean, baking powder, coloring, flavor

Where can we find them?

You can find them in the major touristic spots, but not in the supermarkets, as they are genuinely for tourists.

  • Itami / Kansai International Airports (ITM / KIX)
  • Souvenir shops (Osaka Station, Dotonbori)
  • Don Quijote

There is no guarantee that all the items to be found in one shop, every time you find what you want, try to purchase it.

What is the precaution when choosing Takoyaki / Okonomiyaki flavor?

As everyone knows, Osaka is a city of Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, whose flavor is featured as typical taste of Osaka. We can find so many souvenirs of these flavors, which we feel is great, because they use Middle Eastern fruit, dates, to make the sauce thicker. This “hidden taste” would meet the palate of people worldwide, maybe more than you may imagine.

However, one thing that you have to know is that they could contain some alcoholic seasoning inside the sauce, which is not written precisely on the package. If someone who is accepting the souvenir would like to strictly follow Halal food, we would ask you to check on the ingredients carefully by yourself.

Let’s find great souvenirs!

Once again let us remind you, that the products we have introduced to you is Muslim-friendly, which means there is no obviously restricted items. If you would like to avoid doubtful items, it is always advisable to choose Halal-certified items.

However, all the items that we have shown you here are great quality and value. These items can be found at major souvenir shops in Osaka.  We hope you can enjoy your shopping in Osaka!