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Is Beard Papa Halal? This is their answer.

Famous Cream Puff from Osaka.

Beard Papa (ビアードパパ) is a sweet company from Osaka. Their vivid yellow color signboard with a face of “beard papa” attracts people’s attention. With so many branches in overseas, we guess that so many of you have seen their branches, or actually tried one before.

Because the sweet shop is originally from Osaka, Japan, there could be some people who want to try their original taste in Japan. However, as a travel agency that gives tips on finding Halal food, Beard Papa in Japan is not our recommendation, based on our research done in May 2023.


What do they have in their product?

Beard Papa discloses their ingredients partially on their website. According to this check list, though we can find some of them contain gelatin, most of them have no animal-derived ingredients! Additionally, the great thing about this list is that they also show the usage of liquor or alcohol, though it is not mandatory for the manufacturer to disclose!

This looks like a good start to assume there are many Muslim-friendly products.


Yellow-highlighted mean Pork, Chicken, Gelatin and the usage of Alcohol. Alcohol is used in some of seasonal Cream Puffs.

However, as some of them contain gelatin and liquor, we got in touch with Beard Papa to ask them about the possibility of contamination. The result was actually not a good one for Muslims.

What is their official answer?

We have asked them about the usage of animal-derived ingredients, such as shortening. They have told us that their Cream Puffs contain shortening made from lard, pork oil. This is not included in the allergen list because shortening itself is not an ingredient, but it is a food additive. In fact, there is pork-derived ingredients used in their products.

Also, they mentioned the risk of contamination, as liquor and/or gelatin are used in some of the seasonal cream puffs. All of these products are processed in the same machinery and factory, which they say is what causing contamination.


They remind us of the risk of contamination in their website.

In conclusion

Even though there is no pork or other meat used as an ingredient, it is extremely important to check on the source of the food additives, too. As shortening from pig is used and the risk of contamination is quite high, Beard Papa in Japan is not our recommendation.

The ones available in Muslim countries, they are made as Halal and safe to be consumed. We hope you find this information helpful.

Beard Papa in Japan uses shortening made from lard, pork oil. It is not mentioned in the allergen list because it is a food additive, not an ingredient.

Some of seasonal products use gelatin and/or liquor.

All of these products are made in the same machinery and factory, which is causing contamination.