Ghibli Park

Is there any Halal meal in Ghibli Park for Muslims?

The newly opened theme park in Japan.

Ghibli (ジブリ) is a film company that has been producing heart-warming anime that reminds us of good old days. Their movies are highly appreciated in overseas, and we guess that many of you are dreaming of going to Ghibli Park (ジブリパーク), a newly opened theme park in Aichi.

The park is so popular that the admission ticket is very difficult to get. Well, as a Muslim tourist, there should be a concern with regards to the meals too, because the park does not allow people to bring their own meals to eat within the park.

We have confirmed with the park if there is anything Muslims can eat without concerns, and got some menus that we can recommend for Muslims!

How can we enter the park?

As of June 2023, all admissions to Ghibli Park have to be confirmed with prior reservation. They start the sales on every 10th of 3 months before you are intended to go. For example, if you are buying a ticket for September, they sell the ticket on 10th of June.

The ticket goes out of stock as soon as they start the sales, so be quick and be ready to book one if you really want to go.

There are 3 sections in Ghibli Park: Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, Hill of Youth and Dondoko Forest. The price is as follows.

Adult (Secondary School or above)Child (Age between 4 to Primary school)
Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse and Hill of Youth on Weekdays3,000 yen1,500 yen
Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse and Hill of Youth on Weekends and Holidays3,500 yen1,750 yen
Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse on Weekdays2,000 yen1,000 yen
Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse on Weekends2,500 yen1,250 yen
Dondoko Forest1,000 yen500 yen
Information as of June 2023.

If you want to go all 3 sections, then admission ticket to Dondoko Forest has to be purchased too, in addition to Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse and Hill of Youth.

Ghibli Park is closed every Tuesdays. If Tuesday is a bank holiday, then the park is open, but the following Wednesday is closed.

So, where to get a Halal or Muslim-friendly menu in the park?

Ghibli Park does not allow visitors to reenter the park. They also say that there is no space to eat your own meal within the park, so eating inside the park is the only option.


So, we have checked food menu at Transcontinental Flight Café (カフェ大陸横断飛行). As there is no other restaurant or cafe that has food menu in Ghibli Park, there is always a long queue for this cafe, so be ahead of your schedule!

We have confirmed with them over the phone, and the great news is that they are expecting customers with dietary requirements or religious restrictions!

Their food menu is only sandwiches, but the baguette that they bake does not contain animal-derived ingredients. It is made from only flour, water and salt, not even with egg.

Sandwiches are also made to meet the requirements. They have menus with seafood or vegetables, that do not contain any animal-ingredients. The restaurant is not Halal-certified, but looking at the ingredients, these sandwiches can be very Muslim-friendly!

The menu without meat products are as follows:

  • Hummus (Chickpea Dip) Sandwich, 750yen *
  • Spicy Shrimp Sandwich, 850yen
  • Guacamole (Avocado Dip) Sandwich, 800yen *
  • Spinach and Mushroom Sandwich, 700yen *
  • Margherita (Pizza al Taglio), 750yen
  • Four Cheese (Pizza al Taglio), 650yen
  • Tomato and Seasonal Vegetable (Pizza al Taglio), 550 yen
  • Sweet Bean and Butter Sandwich, 650yen
  • Crusty Roll with Seasonal Fruit and Cream Filling, 450yen
  • Crusty Roll with Chocolate and Banana Filling, 350yen
  • Seasonal Fruit Pizza (Pizza al Taglio), 750yen
  • Apple Pizza (Pizza al Taglio), 550yen
  • Banana Bread, 500yen
  • * means vegan, no dairy product.
  • Please double check that there is no alcohol used in the products with cream.

It is just great that they know the requests from Muslim customers and are pretty ready to offer Muslim-friendly products!


In conclusion

Ghibli Park is definitely the hottest touristic spot in Japan, and we are sure it is pretty worth trying to get a ticket if you are a fan of Ghibli. The cafe knows that Muslims have dietary preference, and they are quite ready to welcome you.

The only concern is that kitchen and utensil are all shared. But the food itself can be your choice when visiting Ghibli Park.

Information as of June 2023.  The restaurant is not halal-certified, so there is a small risk of contamination, which we cannot be responsible of.  Please double check with the staff before making a purchase and consume at your own discretion.