Toraya Akasaka’s eye-pleasing vegetarian dish can be enjoyed as Halal by Muslims!

The most renown Japanese Sweet shop.

Toraya (虎屋) is the most famous Japanese Sweet shop established in 1586 in Kyoto. This sweet shop served even Emperors and has been offering the most authentic and traditional Japanese sweets until now. As most of their sweets can be Halal or Muslim-friendly, there could be some of our Muslim-readers who were given their sweet as a gift.

But did you know that they also serve a vegetarian dish? This is the service only available in their main store at Akasaka, and their dishes are quite amazing. Although the dish is using some alcoholic seasonings, it can be recommended for Muslims who can accept the alcoholic seasonings whose percentage is very low.


Details about the vegetarian dish in Akasaka Toraya.

They have two types of dishes called Seasonal Set Menu (季節の食事) and Seasonal Udon noodle (季節のうどん). They are made from seasonal vegetables and plant-based ingredients only.

We have got in touch with Toraya to confirm the usage of alcohol, and their answer was that they are using some in their dishes. Their soy sauce contains ethanol and Mirin is also used. These are fundamental seasonings and cannot be replaced unfortunately. But they are not added to make someone intoxicated and the alcohol percentage is quite low.

They are using only vegetables and plant-derived ingredients, as well as alcoholic seasonings. But the percentage is low! Risk of contamination with pork or meat is super low, as they do not have them in their kitchen.

Menu changes every season. To let the customer feel the beauty of each season, dishes are garnished with a cherry blossom in spring, or chrysanthemum flower in autumn. The meal experience in the restaurant is more like a proper course dish in a luxurious Japanese restaurant.


Seasonal Set Menu: 3,850 yen
Seasonal Udon Menu: 1,870 yen, small portion for 1,540 yen

Is vegetarian dish satisfying?

We know that many Muslims want to have a dish with meat, so when hearing “vegetarian” it is not going to sound so appetizing. It is totally up to you if you like a vegetarian or not, but the reason why we can recommend this dish to you is because of their eye-pleasing plate.

They are prepared neatly even in details using the skill of Japanese food. As you may know there are not so many authentic Japanese restaurant that prepares their meal as Muslim-friendly, so this vegetarian dish is still worth trying. Of course, the dish is more reasonable than these posh restaurants.

Another important reason why you have to visit the restaurant is their dessert! Did you forget that Toraya is a sweet shop? The Set Menu has one plate of dessert. You can choose from selections, but you definitely have to try Zangetsu (残月), because this is the only place where you can enjoy a freshly-baked one! This is a sweet with red bean paste with a hint of ginger, a shape of halfmoon.

The ingredients of Zangetsu are as follows:

Sugar, Flour, egg, Red bean, Syrup, Reduced sugar syrup, Ginger


Details of the restaurant

Name: Toraya Akasaka (虎屋赤坂)
Address: 22-9-4 Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo 東京都港区赤坂4-9-22
Tel: 03-3408-2331
Opening hours: 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. for Lunch
Closed on: Every 6th of the month, except for December

There is a Wagashi Museum in the same building, on the ground floor, which you can enter for free. Take a moment to learn them, and don’t forget to buy some souvenirs, too!

Information as of May 2023.  The restaurant is not Halal or Muslim-friendly, so there is a small risk of unknown contamination, which we cannot be responsible of.  Please visit the restarant at your own discretion.