List of Halal restaurants in GIFU.

Halal guide for your travel in Gifu.

In Japan, several organizations have published lists of Halal or Muslim-friendly restaurants. However, these brochures are only available at the station of your travel, which means you can get the information when you really get there or may be the information itself is not up to date. This situation would make your travel planning more difficult and would limit your food choices in Japan. In order to solve this problem, we have gathered all the information that offers Halal and Muslim-friendly meals in this page.

Today, we are going to make a list of Gifu, Japan. To check the basic information of Gifu, visit this page.

In order to maintain the correctness, we would like to ask all of you to let us know if there is any updated information. Thank you in advance.

List of all the Halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants in Gifu.

Information as of May 2023. Please check before visiting.



Address: 1st Flr., Gifu Miyako Hotel, Nagara Fukumitsu, Gifu, Gifu 岐阜県岐阜市長良福光2695-2 岐阜都ホテル 1階
Genre: Western
Tel: 058-201-0278
*The restaurant no longer serves Halal meal (January 2024 Update)

Hanamaza PAN

Address: 2-84 2 chome, Gifu, Gifu 岐阜県岐阜市尻毛2丁目84-2
Genre: Bread
Tel: 090-1751-8233

Hida Takayama

Aji no Yohei

Address: 105 Sannomachi, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市上三之町105
Genre: Japanese
Tel: 0577-32-0016


Address: 87 Shimo Ichinomachi, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市下一之町87番地
Genre: Japanese Western
Tel: 0577-32-2000

Artist Shinya

Address: 29 Sannomachi, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市上三之町29
Genre: Japanese Sweet
Tel: 0577-57-8160

Drive Inn Miboro

Address: 262 Nakano, Shokawa cho, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市荘川町中野262
Genre: Japanese
Tel: 05769-2-2266


Address: 3-20-5 Hanasatocho, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市花里町5-20-3
Genre: Ramen
Tel: 0577-32-0444

FabCafe Hida

Address: 6-17 Ninomachi, Furukawa cho, Hida, Gifu 岐阜県飛騨市古川町弐之町6-17
Genre: Cafe
Tel: 0577-57-7686

Fukuzenji Soba

Address: 1-10 Ichinomachi, Furukawa cho, Hida, Gifu 岐阜県飛騨市古川町壱之町10-1
Genre: Soba noodle
Tel: 0577-73-3340


Address:3-11 Ichinomachi, Furukawa cho, Hida, Gifu 岐阜県飛騨市古川町壱之町11-3
Genre: Vegetarian
Tel: 0577-73-7100


Address: 7-12 Ninomachi, Hida, Gifu 岐阜県飛騨市古川町弐之町7-12
Genre: Miso rise cracker
Tel: 0577-73-2302


Address: 9-6-6 Hanasatocho, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市花里町6-6-9
Genre: Soba Noodle
Tel: 0577-32-2106


Address: 24 Hanakawacho, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市花川町24
Genre: Japanese, Local cuisine
Tel: 0577-32-2484
*Reservation required.

Tanabe Ryokan

Address: 58 Aioicho, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市相生町58
Genre: Japanese
Tel: 0577-32-0529
*Reservation required.

Taspa DE Shangri-La

Address: 5-14 Ichinomachi, Furukawa cho, Hida, Gifu 岐阜県飛騨市古川町壱之町14-5
Genre: Pasta
Tel: 0577-73-6669


Address: 3-15-1 Hanaoka cho, Takayama, Gifu 岐阜県高山市花岡町1-15-3
Genre: Thai
Tel: 090-4402-4573

Other cities

156 Restaurant Lucky

Address: 362 Hatogaya, Shirakawamura, Gifu
Genre: Japanese Local cuisine
Tel: 0576-96-1155

Kita no Sho

Address: 1-2671 Ogimachi, Shirakawamura, Ono gun, Gifu 岐阜県大野郡白川村荻町2671-1
Genre: Japanese
Tel: 05769-6-1506


Address: 15 1 chome, Higashi Sotogawamachi, Ogaki, Gifu 岐阜県大垣市東外側町1丁目15番地
Genre: Japanese
Tel: 0584-78-2843

How is the Halal food situation in Gifu?

The biggest touristic city, Hida Takayama has some options available. However, please be careful that most of these Japanese restaurants require prior reservation.

Another touristic city, Shirakawa Go also has some restaurants. Plan on the timing and route before commencing your journey.