Happy Turn Hokkaido Cheese
Hokkaido prefecture

Hokkaido Limited Happy Turn can be Halal!

Kameda Seika, what is this company good at?

Kameda Seika is a company from Niigata, where the production of rice is the bests in Japan.  Thanks to this fact, the company has been successful in producing rice crackers.

Many of these snacks are sold at supermarkets throughout Japan. However, the company is also making some proper souvenirs and they are sold at major souvenir shops and in airports.

What we are going to introduce to you is Happy Turn Hokkaido limited edition. Like other Happy Turns, the snack can be Halal or Muslim-friendly, so we are sure that this snack will be a perfect gift for your Muslim friends.

In a round paper box.

Isn’t rice cracker Halal or Muslim-friendly?

Generally, many Muslims would think that rice crackers are Halal or Muslim-friendly from how they look, because they are made from rice and seasonings on top of it.

Unfortunately, Japanese rice crackers, in many cases, are using emulsifier, Mirin, Miso and/or soy sauce that contain alcohol, or even gelatin or animal product for seasonings.  It is actually the food item whose ingredients should be checked carefully if you would like to follow only Halal or Muslim-friendly meals.

Kameda Seika is not an exception; Their products also may include the ingredients from pork or alcohol.  Because the company is not making their product as Halal or Muslim-friendly, the ingredients should be checked carefully.

However, the Happy Turn series usually do not contain any restricted items according to the label, including the one sold as Hokkaido limited edition! It is bought by many Muslims living in Japan, however, please consume at your own risk as we cannot eliminate the risk of contamination.

What is Halal or Muslim-friendly Kameda Seika product in New Chitose Airport?

What is the difference between the snacks sold at supermarkets and at airport? The company is making some local limited souvenirs, which features the flavor of a specialty of that place. These limited flavors are sold at souvenir shops and at airports to be bought by tourists.

Hokkaido limited Happy Turn features Cheese Flavor. Details are as follows:


Rice, Plant oil, Sugar, Glutinous rice, protein hydrolysate from Soybeans, Cheese powder, yeast extract, salt, powdered oil, starch, seasoning, Plant lecithin


994 yen for 20 pieces

Expiry date

about 4 months after production

What is special about Happy Turn?

Happy Turn is long, oval shape rice cracker, with tasty and sweet addictive powder.  This powder is the secret why Japanese people love this snack, and there is even a version with 2.5 times more powder to meet the demand from those people who are addicted to the powder. 

They have added cheese on top of the Happy Turn to make Hokkaido limited version, as diary product in Hokkaido is quite famous.

The powder is so addictive.

Where can we find this souvenir?

You can find this snack at souvenir shops in Hokkaido, either at station or in the airport.  It is in a round-paper box, and each has 20 pieces. There is also one in a plastic bag instead of a paper box. This version has 34 pieces, so if the souvenir does not have to be a proper one, it could be your choice, too.

They are also available at Don Quijote, check other snacks,too.
Information as of January 2023.
The product is not Halal certified and there might be a risk of contamination, which we cannot be responsible of.  We are here to translate the label and it is your decision to determine if the product is Halal or not.