Recommended Halal souvenir from Hakodate, Hokkaido. TRAPPIST Cookies

What’s special about this biscuit?

Trappist Monastery is one of the touristic destinations in Southern Hokkaido called Hokuto (北斗). Although there are not so many touristic attractions, the place is so popular because the site still holds serene and tranquil ambiance.

If you would like to know the details of Trappist Monastery, please visit this page.

Why French method biscuit was introduced in Hakodate?

Because Hakodate, a city with a port which was opened for foreigners, is so close, a Christian Monastery was opened to meet the demand in 1896. The Monastery was completely for male, while another Monastery for female was also established in Hakodate.

Because the Bishop who has recommended the establishment of the Monastery was from France, the French method of producing dairy products is still passed on in this Monastery. Their product, especially famous TRAPPIST COOKIES is known as great quality, and it is bought as a souvenir from Southern Hokkaido.

Rich buttery biscuits from Hokuto, each has 3 pieces.

How is the taste?

The biscuits are very simple. There is no other flavor like chocolate, nuts or fruits. But their taste is very great because they use a lot of butter and fresh milk in this biscuit, which makes the flavor and the taste so rich.

The butter is not very usual, too; They only use fermented butter, which gives thicker and stronger flavor to the biscuits. They sell butter itself, too. You can find them in the supermarkets in Hokkaido.

Is the biscuit Halal or Muslim-friendly?

The great news for Muslims is that they do not contain neither shortenings nor margarine for this product, which is quite rare for Japanese biscuits. The expiry date for this biscuit is about after half a year, so that this is a great souvenir for your loved ones who cares about Halal or Muslim-friendly.

Check the ingredients below for your reference.

Where can you find this biscuit?

The biscuits are sold in the Trappist Monastery, as well as major souvenir shops. The biscuit is less known than other major souvenirs, so that we would suggest you buy them in the souvenir shops in the city, not in the airport. According to the information, there is only one shop that handles this biscuit in the airport.

Information and Ingredients

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, butter, corn starch, buttered-milk, glucose, vanilla beans, yeast (contains flour and dairy products)
Price: 718 yen for 12 packets, 3 pieces each

Ingredients of Trappist Cookie
Information as of December 2022.
The product is not Halal certified, and there is a small risk of contamination.
It is your responsibility to decide if you consume or not.