When to travel?

Tokushima is very warm and mild, but the temperature could go down because of the radiative cooling effect.

Best season: Feb-Nov
Cherry blossom: end of Mar-Apr
Foliage: end of Oct-Nov

Events / Festivals

Aug: Awa odori dance festival (阿波踊り), Tokushima & Naruto 鳴門
Aug: Kaminaka festival (かみなか納涼祭り), Naka 那珂
Aug: Furusato Yuki festival (ふるさと由岐祭), Yuki 由岐

Touristic spots

Capital city: Tokushima (徳島)

Located at the coast, Tokushima is a tranquil but also energetic city, especially during the period of Awa festival (阿波踊り).   Every year, in mid-August, more than one million of people participate in the festival.  The people in Tokushima have their own group, but the participants are from all over the world, even the tourists.

The hottest and the most crowded time of the year.
From the top of Mt. Bizan (眉山), a symbol of Tokushima city.

Ryozanji temple (霊山寺)

The most sacred temple in Tokushima prefecture, and it is also the temple on the pilgrimage road.  The temple was originally opened in the mid of 8th century.   The temple has gone through a lot of difficulties and have been burnt down several times, but the temple we can see now is reconstructed in 19th century.

The most sacred temple in Tokushima.

Kazura bridge (かずら橋)

Are you brave enough to pass this bridge, made of plant vines?  It is definitely very scary, but it is at the same time very exciting!  The vine is replaced every 3 years and there is no accident, so you can relax.  This bridge is also one of the three oddest bridges of Japan. You may also enjoy a nature walk.

Kazura bridge.
Iya valley is a hidden forest, great hiking place.
Mt. Tsurugi (剣山), the highest mountain of Tokushima.

Oboke Koboke (大歩危小歩危)

It is a valley located along Yoshino river (吉野川), known for its fast stream that has caused a lot of floods.  The name indicates to walk around the area is dangerous, but the beautiful scenery attracts many tourists for their kayak or rafting experience, especially during summer time.

Boat is also available.

Dochu Earth pillars (土柱)

The very weird scenery created by the Earth.  The most famous Earth pillar would be in Rocky Mountains in the U.S., but there is also one in Tokushima.  Earth pillar could be made only in very limited conditions.

Earth pillar in Tokushima.

Wakimachi (脇町)

This town is so small, but known as the place where we can see old and traditional streets of Japan.  The town has originally flourished as a castle city, and then became rich thanks to their successful business in silk and dying skill.  Udatsu is a wall to prevent fire, which can be prepared only by rich people.

Udatsu ga agaru, raising Udatsu firewall, is a proverb in Japanese, which means to be successful.