SHIKOKU – detailed information

Shikoku is a big island on the Seto inland sea (瀬戸内海). There are 4 prefectures in Shikoku; Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime and Kochi. The unique culture has been developed as it is an island separated from mainland.

It has been also considered as a very sacred place. There are 88 places to visit as pilgrimage and many Buddhist monks or even ordinary people visit all of these places, by walking or by train for 1450 km.

World Heritage site

There is no World Heritage site yet.

National Parks

Seto inland sea (瀬戸内海国立公園)

As described in the Kinki article, this National Park is the largest in Japan. Because Shikoku is on the Seto inland sea, there are so many highlights. The biggest touristic spot that you can access from Shikoku may be Shodo island (小豆島).

It is relatively a big island between Kagawa and Hyogo, and the tranquil scenery has contributed to the success of some Japanese movies. It is also well-known that the island produces products that needs enough sunshine. The most famous product that they have is olive; it is actually the first place where Japan started growing olives.

Angel road (天使の散歩道、エンジェルロード)
Tranquil countryside.

Ashizuri Uwakai (足摺宇和海国立公園)

This National Park is located in both Ehime and Kochi prefecture, which are at the western part of Shikoku. The Park has a lot of spots where we can enjoy a view of Pacific Ocean. It is an open sea, which means the waves are rough and higher, but this is why we can enjoy the great view.

Cape Ashizuri (足摺岬), the most southern part of Shikoku.
Nametoko gorge (滑床渓谷), 12 km long, which flows into the Shimanto river (四万十川). The river is famous for clear water.

Advice for Muslims

Even though the area has not so many foreign tourists, thanks to the fact that the place is famous for Buddhism pilgrimage, there could be some vegetarian meal options available, though it could contain some alcoholic seasonings

It is also recommendable to choose seafood, as Shikoku is an island. Udon noodle is another option you can take, as they rarely contain pork products.

Muslim-friendly local food

  • Sanuki Udon (讃岐うどん), Kagawa
  • Bonito Tataki (カツオのたたき), Kochi
  • Jako ten (じゃこ天), Ehime
  • Taimeshi (鯛飯), Ehime
  • Sawachi dish (皿鉢料理), Kochi
  • Iya soba (祖谷そば), Tokushima

How is the Access?

From Tokyo
Head for Osaka first and then take a train or drive a car. There are not so may flights from Tokyo to Shikoku.

From Osaka
Access from Osaka is easy. Take a train or drive a car. There are some trains that take you to Kagawa from Okayama, but that is the only train option. There are three bridges between mainland and Shikoku. Some ferries are also available; however, they usually take more time and less frequent.

Within the area
Drive a car. There are some local trains which is one of the things that you can enjoy in Shikoku, however, unless you have enough time to travel, that is not a good option.