When to travel?

The climate is very warm and mild, it never snows in Shikoku.

Best season:  Feb-Nov
Cherry blossoms: end of Mar-Apr
Foliage: mid of Nov-Dec

Events / Festivals

Aug: Tadotsu summer festival (多度津夏祭り), Tadotsu 多度津
Aug: Sakaide bridge festival (坂出大橋祭り), Sakaide 坂出
Aug: Miroku summer festival (みろく納涼夏祭り), Sanuki さぬき
Aug: Marugame basara festival (まるがめ婆娑羅まつり),  Marugame 丸亀

Touristic spots

Capital city: Takamatsu (高松)

The capital city of Kagawa is Takamatsu, with a population of 400,000.  It is the second biggest population in Shikoku.  The city was under the rule of Matsudaira family in Takamatsu, so that there are some historical monuments available in this city.

Ritsurin park (栗林公園) is one example for this.  No matter which season you go, there are always many kinds of trees and flowers blooming, and this is the reason why people say, “different scenery after each step you make”.

Ritsurin Park (栗林公園), the foliage in fall is exceptionally beautiful which is our strong recommendation.
Yashima (屋島) is an old battlefield; the sunset view is amazing.
Megi Island (女木島) is a small island, streets are full of stone walls to protect from sea wind.

Naoshima (直島)

Naoshima was just a small island on Seto inland sea before, because the island had been a part of the National Park where the development had been strictly prohibited.

Now the island is converted into an island of Art, without destroying the environment.  There are so many museums and cafes, which were transformed from Japanese old houses.

Known as an island of art.

Shodo Shima island (小豆島)

This is the biggest island of Kagawa, where a famous movie was filmed.  The island has the narrowest channel of the world which is confirmed by a Guiness World Record.  The island has so many sceneries with nomadic and countryside ambiance, as well as scenic spot of Japan.

Shodo Shima island produces a famous soy sauce.
Nakayama Senmaida (中山千枚田), thousands rice terrace.
Kankakei valley (寒霞渓), a national scenic spot.

Marugame (丸亀)

Marugame is the second biggest city of Kagawa.  The city is famous for Japanese traditional paper fan called Uchiwa (うちわ), and it is said that more than 90% of this fan is produced in Marugame.

Japanese traditional paper fan (うちわ).
Marugame castle (丸亀城), the area is preserved as National Treasure.

Kotohira (琴平)

It is a small city, but the shrine that they have here is the most respected in whole Kagawa prefecture.  The shrine is believed that they will protect people, especially fishermen.

Kotohiragu (金刀比羅宮), called as Kompira-san by locals.

Zentsuji temple(善通寺)

Shikoku is an island of pilgrimage for Buddhists, and this temple is considered to be the top temple.  This is because the city of Zentsuji city is the birthplace of the most respected Buddhist monk called Kukai (空海).

Kukai is enshrined in Mt. Koya, a World Heritage Site in Wakayama.

Mannoike pond (満濃池)

This is the biggest irrigation pond.  Irrigation means to deliver water to farm or field where water is needed, while preventing flood.  The Holy Buddhist monk Kukai had worked on fixing this pond in 9th century.

To deliver water where it is needed.

Mt. Iino (飯野山)

The mountain has a perfect round shape.  It is called as Mt. Fuji in Sanuki, which is the old name of Kagawa.  The height of the mountain is about 420 meters.  It takes about 30 to1 hour to reach the top.

Mt. Fuji in Kagawa.