When to travel?

Thanks to the fact that the prefecture is facing to the Pacific Ocean, the weather is usually warm without any snow during winter.

Best season: Mar-Nov (Jun is monsoon, Aug could be hot, Sep is typhoon)
Cherry blossom: end of Mar – early Apr
Foliage: Nov

Events / Festivals

May: Odawara Hojo Godai festival (小田原北條五代祭), Odawara 小田原
May: Odako kite festival (座間市大凧まつり), Zama 座間
May: Yukake festival (湯かけまつり), Yugawara 湯河原
Jul: Kanagawa Yamato Awa Odori (神奈川大和阿波おどり), Yamato 大和
Aug: Fujisawa juku Yugyo no Bon (藤沢宿遊行の盆), Fujisawa 藤沢
Nov: Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu (箱根大名行列), Hakone 箱根

Touristic spots

Capital city: Yokohama (横浜)

The name of the capital is more known than the name of the prefecture.  Yokohama has been the entrance of Japan since 19th century when the Shogunate has opened its border to foreign countries.  This is why when hearing Yokohama, Japanese people will imagine westernized, fashionable or modern city.

The city has a port which is giving a romantic ambiance.  A great place for a short day-trip from Tokyo.

Yokohama at night, Ferris Wheel is also famous.
Sankeien (三渓園) Japanese garden.
Yokohama has the biggest China town in Japan.

Kamakura (鎌倉)

Probably the most touristic site in Kanagawa and it is expected that this place will be nominated as the next World Heritage site in Japan.  What makes this place so special is that the city used to be a capital of Japan, back in 12th century.  Hojo family settled in Kamakura and built so many temples which can be seen until now.

The big Buddha is the typical image of Kamakura, and during the time of hydrangea in June, everyone visits Hasedera temple (長谷寺), which is too famous for their blue color.

Big Buddha, the image of Kamakura.
Hasedera temple in the time of hydrangea.

Yokosuka (横須賀)

Yokosuka has an American Military base and we can feel the essence of America here.  English is spoken so it will be an easy place for foreign tourists to walk around.

There is an island called Sarushima (猿島), the only island without inhabitants on the Tokyo bay.  There is an old fort and the mysterious ambiance is around.  You can enjoy weekend picnic and BBQ, too.

Fort in Sarushima.
Mikasa battleship (戦艦三笠) at the bay.
Yokosuka is a birthplace of Japanese curry.

Jogashima (城ヶ島)

This is a small island on the shore of Miura peninsula.  The island is floating on the Pacific Ocean and as there is nothing to obstruct the view, the scenery is amazing.  It is also nominated as 2-star sightseeing place by Michelin Travel Guide.

Uma no se Domon  (馬の背洞門)

Odawara (小田原)

Close to the border of Yamanashi, there is a city called Odawara.  This is a city of castle, where you can enjoy traditional Japanese trip.

The access to the hot springs is very convenient from this city, so that people will stay at either Hakone or Gora Hot springs, and then enjoy a short trip in this city.

Odawara castle (小田原城)

Ashinoko Lake (芦ノ湖)

When hearing the name Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan, we Japanese may think that is either in Shizuoka or Yamanashi.  But actually, we may enjoy a beautiful scenery from Kanagawa, too.  Lake Ashinoko is located in the western part of Kanagawa, which is close to these two prefectures.  There is a big cruise ferry, which will bring you to see the best view of Mt. Fuji.

You may visit Hakone on the same day.

Hakone Hot spring (箱根温泉)

It is true that we have uncountable number of hot springs, however, Hakone Hot spring is surely the number one in Japan.  The hot spring has a long history of more than 1300 years and has flourished as it had been on the main road during Edo period.

As of today, we can see volcanic action and their specialty is Kuro Tamago, black boiled egg. This weird boiled egg is made because of their strong minerals in the hot spring.  It changes the color of egg shell as a result of chemical reaction.  It is totally Halal so why not trying it?

Owaku dani valley (大涌谷) where we can see the volcanic action.
Black boiled egg.

Atami Hot spring (熱海温泉)

Another well-known Hot spring in Japan. It literally means hot sea when we translate Atami.  The legend says that the fishermen complained about the situation that a lot of fish were killed because of the hot water, so that the governor has created a pool using this hot water.  This is how Atami Hot spring has started 1200 years ago.

There is a beach, and you may enjoy a beautiful view from nice hotels.