Is Takoyaki Halal?
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Is Takoyaki halal? There is a way to make it Halal!

Osaka’s soul food

Takoyaki or translated as octopus ball, is probably one of the dishes that you have to enjoy while in Japan. Some countries have Takoyaki, but from our observation it is something really different from our original tasty Takoyaki.

Takoyaki is a soul food in Osaka and in Kansai region. They are made from flour, Dashi broth, octopus, tempura and some vegetables. These ingredients are Halal, but what makes them haram is because of their sauce, as introduced in the article Japanese seasonings.

So, there is no way Muslims can enjoy this food? Don’t worry, there is a solution!

Steam rising

So, what is the solution to make it Halal?

The answer is to buy a Halal Okonomiyaki sauce sold online. Yes, the most famous brand called Otafuku has obtained a Halal certificate and this sauce is available for Muslims! This sauce can be used for Takoyaki as well. Most of the Halal Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki restaurants in Japan are using this sauce.

However, there is a problem. It is too big!! The smallest size available online is 2 liters, which is way too big for travelers.


Though the product is not made as Halal, there is another solution. It is to buy an Organic Okonomiyaki sauce, also from Otafuku! They are made without alcohol or animal-derived ingredients, so it can be Muslim-friendly!

The only thing is the risk of contamination and a tiny portion of soy sauce which may have a very small percentage of ethanol. However, many Muslims living in Japan use this sauce for their food.

What about Takoyaki itself? Isn’ it difficult to make?

If you have a special hot griddle, then it is not very difficult to make. Well, but as a tourist traveling to Japan, it is easier to ask the Takoyaki restaurant to serve you without the sauce, and then add the Organic Okonomiyaki sauce. This way, the Takoyaki is Muslim-friendly!

You cannot find Takoyaki restaurant nearby? Then, we recommend you go to 7-11 and get this Takoyaki from frozen food. Their Takoyaki is made free from haram ingredients.

They are super easy to be ready. Unwrap the package and put it in a microwave for 4 and half minutes. That’s it! Your tasty Takoyaki is ready.

You can add red ginger, bonito flake, chive and mayonnaise as you like. Along with the thick and sweet Okonomiyaki sauce, it is a perfect harmony.

Let us remind you, that you should not use the brown liquid sauce. The flake is made from bonito fish, so it is Halal.

Don’ use the sauce.

What else can we use the sauce for?

Although the name is Okonomiyaki Sauce, it can be used for various ways. It can be used for Okonomiyaki, a savory pancake, or Yakisoba, fried noodle. Japanese people mix the Okonomiyaki sauce and ketchup to use for their fried items such as Chicken cutlet, too.

Another recommendation is to use for a croquette! We have found again from 7-11, there is a potato croquette made from only vegetables.

The package does not say they are made as vegetarian, but so far there is no animal-derived ingredients found.

Goes well with the fried food.

In conclusion.

Just like carrying Halal soy sauce makes your travel in Japan easier, taking this organic Okonomiyaki sauce can get you more chances to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Unlike soy sauce, this Okonomiyaki sauce is not available in supermarket and has to be bought online, but we are sure that you will like the taste a lot.