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Is it difficult to travel in Japan? Who needs Muslim tour package?

Should we travel on a Muslim package?

Many people are dreaming to come to Japan for their unique tradition and culture. However, as a Muslim, there should be a concern if they can find a Halal meal while their journey. Muslims population in Japan is only 0.15%, so it is quite natural for them to have such concern.

We have to say that traveling in Japan is not a very easy experience for many people, especially person with kids or elderlies. We would like to talk about the way to find out if it is better for you to travel on Muslim travel package or not.

Your journey to Japan is a once in a lifetime experience, so read the article carefully not to make a misjudgement!

Find out your Type first.

We have made the following chart for you to find out your Type. Major cities are big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Okinawa or cities with UNESCO site.

Muslim Travel Package chart

Did you get you type? Following is the summary of each type.

Who should be on Muslim travel package?

If your type is A, we recommend you travel on Muslim travel package if you are a foodie or want to be different from others. This is because choices of Halal or Muslim-friendly restaurants in major cities are limited, and most of Muslims are traveling on the same route. If this looks boring to you, then ask arrangement on your food and itinerary to fully enjoy your vacation.

If you are Type B or C, then traveling in Japan is not that hard and no package tour is needed.

If your Type is D,E, or F, then traveling on Muslim travel package is strongly recommended.

If you want to have Muslim-friendly or Halal meal all the time and your itinerary has a destination located in suburb or countryside, difficulty of you travel jumps up a lot. People may not understand English or will not know what you really want as a Muslim. This may be an uncomfortable experience.

Suburb and countryside in Japan worth visiting?

Suburb and countryside in Japan are definitely amazing and will take your words away if your aim is to see real beauty of Japan.

Old and traditional Japanese houses built hundreds years ago, rice field, rich green forest and mountains. These places are now considered as our asset and it is now being discovered by foreigners, too. Visiting these areas may get you a chance to discover another beauty of Japan.

These attractive areas exist between major cities, so visiting a countryside in between these two major cities will be the best option to see Japan efficiently.

As is often the case with many countries, these sceneries are now disappearing. You must visit these places before they go away.

How can Muslims realize a best travel itinerary in Japan?

First, try to find the Halal or Muslim-friendly restaurants in the city that you are visiting. In major cities, though choices are limited, you may find some restaurants available for you.

To easily find out the available Halal restaurants, you can check the tag Halal Travel Guide in our website.

If you find the destination you are visiting does not have any attractive restaurant, then taking Muslim Travel package can be your option. We are the only Travel Agency that organize a plan in a countryside, so feel free to consult with us. We can arrange a whole/partial itinerary, with/without air tickets, as you like.

Enjoy the only and unique travel.

It is unfortunate that there is a difficulty for Muslims to travel in Japan, because there are so many amazing places to see. We believe that just preparing the Halal meal in advance can change the situation a lot, and it enables more people to discover the real beauty of Japan.

We are sure that now our website can help not a small number of people. We will keep on updating more info to ensure a comfortable experience for Muslims.