Indulge in the world of Japanese Aroma

Noble and elegance- When we put ourselves in the world of Kodo, traditional incense-smelling ceremony, a scenery of noble Japanese scenery comes up. We use a term “listen”, instead of “smell” in the world of Kodo.
Kodo is a highly-sophisticated way of enjoying Japanese aroma. It was a joy only among royals and Samurais- They listened to the aroma and match which scents are used, just like a game. They have also put the aroma on their Kimonos.

The aroma would definitely take you to old and traditional Japanese noble world.

You will see how to listen to the aroma, and then try to match the scents used, in a traditional Japanese room.

Kodo is not played as much as tea ceremony, because the incense used is extremely expensive.

In the shop, incenses are available as souvenirs, which are made into easier way.