Shima Tofu Ya

How to enjoy the taste of Amami as complete Halal? Shima Tofu Ya makes it possible.

Newly nominated World Heritage Island.

Just during the pandemic, in 2021, the Amami Islands in Kagoshima have been nominated as the Japan’s newest World Heritage Site. The Islands would definitely call everyone’s attention after the situation gets better, but because the food culture in Kagoshima is pork, it is unfortunate to say that there are not so many places where Muslims can eat without being worried.

Food culture in Amami is pork.

Today, we are going to write about one of the most popular restaurants in Amami. The restaurant features Amami’s traditional food called Shima Tofu, the island Tofu. This is the dish that all visitors definitely have to give a try.

The restaurant is far from Halal or Muslim-friendly because of their menus with pork. However, the reason why we are introducing this restaurant is that they also have a takeaway service, which so far is the only way to try Amami’s local cuisine as Halal.

What is Shima Tofu?

Shima literally means “island” in Japanese. Unlike normal Tofu in Japan mainland, Shima Tofu is eaten in the southern part of Japan, especially in Kagoshima and Okinawa prefectures.

Because the area is surrounded by beautiful ocean, they have natural sea salt rich in minerals. Using this sea salt, they make a Tofu which is slightly salted with a harder texture. They are eaten as it is, or sometimes pan fried along with egg and vegetables.

The recipe of Shima Tofu is also different from the one in mainland. While the Tofu in mainland is made after soybeans got boiled, Shima Tofu is made with raw beans.

Nature gives great sea salt.

What is special about the restaurant?

Shima Tofu Ya (島とうふ屋) is a very famous Tofu restaurant in Amami Island. The restaurant is located between 2 big cities in Amami, which does not have an easy access, however, it is always full of customers for their great quality meals.

They serve basic Amami cuisine, using their homemade Shima Tofu. Tofu sounds too plain for some of us, but the taste is totally different from what we imagine. There are some types of Tofu, as well as variety of sauces. The most unique Tofu they have may be Peanut Tofu, which we cannot find anywhere else in Japan. They are slightly sweetened with peanut paste, and it is more like a dessert.

What is Miki? Amami’s healthy drink?

Miki (みき) is a traditional Amami’s fermented drink made with rice, potato and sugar. It looks like a porridge or congee, as some grains are not completely dissolved. Once you taste it, you may feel a bit of sourness and sweeteness.

Miki is the drink that all Amami people drink everyday, as the drink is super healthy thanks to the fermentation!

If you order their set menu in the restaurant, you can help yourself with complimentary soymilk and Miki as much as you want.

What is available for Take away at Shima Tofu Ya?

They have basic Shima Tofu, as well as Tofu with Yum potato, peanut, Yuba Tofu Film, soft and hard. If you bring your own Halal soy sauce or buy their sea salt available at their shop, you can easily enjoy their Tofu completely as Halal!


Tofu can be easily cooked if there is boiled water. Try to look for some recipes and enjoy the taste of Amami.

If you do not feel like cooking, then simply choose Miki and soymilk. They can be your perfect breakfast, too.

What if we want to eat in the restaurant?

If you can accept the risk of contamination, then dining inside the restaurant is definitely our recommendation! There are some dishes which has no meat.

  • Yuba Spring Roll Set (湯葉春巻定食) 850 yen
  • Fried Tofu in Dashi Broth Set (揚げ出し豆腐定食) 900 yen
  • Tofu Steak Set (豆腐ステーキ定食) 850 yen

However, the dish may be using alcoholic seasoning which cannot be removed.

Tempura Set, left top is simmered pork.

When you order one of these menus, please check with the staff with following phrases:

  • こちらの食事には豚肉は含まれていますか?(Does this dish contain pork meat?)
  • 豚肉を取り除いてください。 (Please remove pork meat.)
  • ベジタリアンの食事はありますか? (Is there any vegetarian dish?)
The restaurant is very famous and famous among Japanese.

It is extremely difficult to find a restaurant that does not serve pork or meat in Amami. If you want to try the taste of local cuisine as Halal, plan well before paying a visit.

Although Shima Tofu Ya itself has no Halal meal, you can still try to use their special Tofu and enjoy the taste of Amami.

Details of the restaurant

Name:Shima Tofu Ya (島とうふ屋)
Address:1-1561 Nakagachi, Tatsugo cho, Oshima gun, Kagoshima 894-0106 鹿児島県大島郡龍郷町中勝1561-1
Genre:Tofu, Local specialty
Closed on:Irregurarly