ROYCE Potato chip chocolate
Hokkaido prefecture

Saltiness and sweetness, ROYCE Chocolate Chip can be Halal!

One of the most bought souvenirs from Japan.

We all love chocolates and potato chips. But have you ever tried both at the same time? ROYCE, a Hokkaido’s chocolate brand, has put their tasty chocolate over the chips, which became a huge hit of the company.

Everyone knows the company for their Nama Chocolate. Because the company is located in Hokkaido, where nice potato is harvested, ROYCE came up with the idea to put them together.

When we first see the product, we may wonder how the taste will be: Some of you may feel what a weird combination, but the taste is actually fantastic.

Today, we are going to introduce to you this product, as the souvenir also can be consumed as a Muslim-friendly snack.

The package of the Potato chip Chocolate, original flavor.
You can also check their signature Nama Chocolate here.

Tell us about the details of the product.

The chip is a bit thicker than the normal chips. Potatoes are cut into jaggy slices and then fried in the oil without getting dried. In this way, we can enjoy the taste of potatoes.

We may also feel chips are bit oilier than normal chips may be because of their thickness, but not in a bad way. There are a few flavors of chocolates; original, white, caramel, bitter and salt.

The chocolate is very rich and as thick as potato chips, but it is not that sweet. Saltiness from chips and sweetness of chocolate are perfect combination and the taste is exquisite.

Chips and chocolates are thicker than you may think.

Detail of the product


Potatoes, Plant oil, salt, Sugar, cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Powdered milk, Emulsifier from soybeans


864 yen

Expiry date

One month

As you can see, there is no restricted ingredients according to the label.

Each bag has 190g of chips. 190g sounds like not enough, but it is more satisfying than you think, because the products are thick and can be heavy in your stomach.

What about risk of contamination?

Of course, the product is not made as Halal or Muslim-friendly, so we cannot deny the risk of contamination. However, we can say that the risk of contamination can be low because ROYCE does not make other chips with animal-derived ingredients.

Where can travelers buy this product?

Because the product is made purely as a souvenir, they are not sold in the supermarket.

You may find this product at the airport or at the souvenir shop in Hokkaido. However, because the product is very popular among tourists, some boxes may be also available at Haneda, Narita or Kansai Airports.

The flavors that you can get at these places are very limited. There will be only original or white, so if you would like to try other flavors, it is better to buy them online.

Enjoy a great harmony of sweetness and saltiness.