When to travel?

Chiba is known for its mild and warm weather.  There is no snow during winter time.

Best season: Mar-Dec (June is monsoon, Aug can be hot, typhoon in Sep)
Cherry blossom: end of Mar-mid Apr
Foliage: Nov

Events / Festivals

Jul: Sawara big festival (佐原の大祭), Sawara 佐原
Jul: Narita Gion festival (成田祇園祭), Narita 成田
Aug: Yaegaki shrine Gion festival (八重垣神社祇園祭), Sosa 匝瑳
Oct: Sawara autumn festival (秋祭り), Sawara 佐原
Oct: Iwanuma Shishimai lion dance festival (岩沼の獅子舞), Choseimura 長生村

Touristic spots

Capital city: Chiba (千葉)

Chiba city is the capital of the prefecture, and it takes only about 40 minutes from Tokyo by train.  The city is more like a commuter town, however, there are some places where a whole family can enjoy their weekend.

Inage seaside park (稲毛海浜公園), with wedding hall as well as a museum.
Showa forest (昭和の森) is a huge park in Chiba city, where people can enjoy nature and BBQ.

Narita (成田)

For most of the people, Narita is a city of airport and do not dare to spend time there.  However, did you know that there is an amazing place to feel Japanese tradition just within 15 minutes train ride from the airport?

Mt. Narita (成田山) has a huge temple called Shinshoji (新勝寺), and the biggest Kabuki family Naritaya (成田屋) makes it their home temple.  You will reach the temple after walking through a narrow stone-paved street, watching traditional stores and restaurants.  There is also a place to wear Kimono to walk along the city.  The city will let you feel Japan just within a short period of time.

Old, traditional street that takes you to Shinshoji temple (新勝寺).
Shinshoji temple in autumn.

Yoro valley (養老渓谷)

Yoro valley is one of the best places to enjoy foliage in Chiba.  There is a river called Yoro river (養老川), which flows into Pacific Ocean.  There is also a hot spring.

Foliage at Yoro valley (養老渓谷).

Mother Farm (マザー牧場)

Mother farm is a perfect place for everyone, especially if you have kids.  In this farm, you can do a lot of things like feeding animals, indulging in an amazing view of seasonal flowers, picking fruits, lodging or enjoying fresh dairy products.

Flowers change depend on the season.
Feeding animals.

Isumi railway (いすみ鉄道)

Isumi railway runs along the coast of Boso peninsula, and its nomadic scenery from the train is one of the must-sees in Chiba.  Recommended seasons is obviously spring.  In spring, there are numbers of cherry blossom trees and canola flower.

Train with cherry blossom trees and canola flower.