When to travel?

Weather could vary depending on the area.  It is usually very mild, with high temperature in summer, without any snow during winter.

Best season: Mar-Nov (Jun is monsoon, Jul-Aug could hot and humid, Sep is typhoon)
Cherry blossoms: end of Mar-Apr
Foliage: Nov

Events / Festvals

Sep: Autumn Kagura festival (秋の神楽祭り), Iga 伊賀
Oct: Ueno Tenjin festival (上野天神祭), Iga 伊賀
Oct: Yokkaichi festival (四日市祭), Yokkaichi 四日市
Nov: Tokaido Sekijuku street festival (東海道関宿街道まつり), Kameyama 亀山
Nov: Ujisato festival (氏郷まつり), Matsusaka 松坂
Dec: Oshimenawa Hari Shinji (大注連縄張神事), Iga 伊賀

Touristic spots

Capital city: Tsu (津)

The name sounds too short, but it was longer before.  It was called as Anotsu, which meant a port in Ano, but it was shortened as time went by.  There is more population in Yokkaichi city (四日市), but the size of the prefecture is bigger.

Isshinden Temple town (一身田寺内町), there is also a traditional street around this temple.
Mitaki cherry blossom (三多気) and rice field, in springtime.
Former Tsu castle (津城跡).

Matsusaka (松坂)

You may have heard the name Matsusaka if you are a foodie, because the city is where renowned Matsusaka beef is from!  The city has a lot of touristic places, too.  The city has flourished under the rich merchants so that a lot of luxurious buildings were built.

Matsusaka beef is their specialty.
The mansions of rich Matsusaka merchants.
Kasamatsu Kozu cherry blossoms. (笠松河津桜)

Iga (伊賀)

Iga is a home for Ninja spies.  There are a lot of spots related to Ninja, and we are sure that everyone including children can enjoy the city so much. There is Ninja Museum, too.

Iga Ueno castle (伊賀上野城)

Ise Jingu (伊勢神宮)

The most famous touristic spot in Mie prefecture.  This shrine has been considered as the top shrine in Japanese culture, so that since long time back a lot of people have visited this place as a pilgrimage.  Outside of the shrine has a main street called Okage Yokocho (おかげ横丁) where we can find many souvenirs and restaurants, but inside the shrine is full of sacred, silent ambiance.

The top shrine of Japan.

Ago Bay (英虞湾)

Ago bay is known for a Summit held in 2016, which world leaders have gathered.  The bay has breathtaking view of Ria coast.  There is also Meoto Couple rock (夫婦岩) close by, at Futami ga ura coast (二見が浦).

Beautiful coastline of Ago bay (英虞湾).

A couple Rock on Futami ga Ura coast. The rope gets changed in Oshimenawa Hari Shinji festival (大注連縄張神事) in December.

Kaochi valley (香落渓)

Known for a best foliage place.  The valley is 8 kilo meters long with rough and huge rocks.  In winter, there are rimes on the trees which make it so beautiful as well.

In autumn.

Doro gorge (瀞峡)

This is a part of National Park, which we can enjoy the scenery from the water-jet ferry.  The river has a fast stream, which gives us a very exciting experience.

Aoyama Plateau (青山高原)

This plateau is a part of Semi National Park with the altitude is about 800-1000m above the sea level.  There are different beauties every season, and we can enjoy each season by lodging, hiking and driving.

The view from the plateau.

Nagashima Hot spring (長島温泉)

This hot spring is famous not only as a spa but also as an amusement park.  There is an amusement park called Nagashima Spa Land, and Nabana no sato (なばなの里), a theme park of gardens.  A whole family can spend their day here in this resort.

Nagashima Spa Land, huge pool is also available.
Nabana no sato (なばなの里), illumination.