When to travel?

Climate in Tottori is cold, but not as much as in other regions.  It could snow as much as 40 cm in Tottori city.  The climate in summer is dry and hot.

Best season: Mar-Nov
Snow activity: Jan-mar
Cherry blossoms: end of Mar-Apr
Foliage: end of Oct-Nov

Events / Festivals

Jun: Daisen opening festival (大山夏山開き祭り), Daisen 大山
Jul: Yazu cho Kirameki fetival (八頭町きらめき祭), Yazu 八頭町
Aug: Ebi seventeen nights (江尾十七夜), Efu 江府町
Aug: Tottori shanshan festival (鳥取しゃんしゃん祭), Tottori
Aug: Sekigane summer festival (関金夏祭り), Sekigane 関金

Touristic spots

Capital city: Tottori (鳥取)

Tottori city is located at the eastern part of the prefecture, with the population of 170,000.  When compared to other cities, it could be rather a small city.  However, there are universities and all other necessary facilities, as well as some touristic spots.

Tottori sand dunes (鳥取砂丘), isn’t it surprising that we can see the ocean at the same time?
Former Tottori castle (鳥取城跡), the city has flourished under the governance of Ikeda family.
Hakuto white rabbit shrine (白兎神社), Tottori is famous for a fairy tale which appears a white rabbit, and this is where this rabbit is worshipped.

Yonago (米子)

Yonago is the most touristic place in Tottori.  Located close to Shimane prefecture and the famous port of Sakaiminato (境港), the access and the seafood is amazing in this city.

Yumigahama (弓ヶ浜) coast.  Mt. Daisen can be seen, too.
Former Yonago castle, now it is a place full of cherry blossoms.
Sakaiminato is a heaven for seafood lovers.
Kaike Hot spring (皆生温泉) is a very unique, the hot water actually comes out of the ocean.  If you dig their beach, you may feel the warmth.

Uradome Coast (浦富海岸)

A beautiful beach accessible from Tottori city.  There once so many people rushing to do BBQ and camping however, the environment was worsened and it is prohibited now.

Ria coast, known as Matsuhima in Sannin Area.

Mt. Mitoku (三徳山)

There is a very unique temple in this mountain.  It is called Nageiredo (投入堂).  It is a wooden construction built on the wall, the name can be found in a document written in 1375, however, when exactly it was built is still unknown.  It is said that the temple is the most dangerous National Treasure of Japan, and to climb up the wall is prohibited.  The way to the temple itself needs enough physical energy.

The most dangerous National Treasure of Japan, after a physically demanding hiking.

Mt. Daisen (大山)

Description available in Chugoku article.

Masumizu Plateau (升水高原)

It is called aa a resort in the sky.  You can go up the mountain by a lift and enjoy a panoramic view of Mt. Daisen and Japan Sea, which turns out to be a snow view in winter.  After getting off the lift, amazing hiking course awaits you.

A resort in the sky, which is known as a place for lovers.

Tottori Hana Kairou (とっとり花回廊)

The people from Tottori are proud of their beautiful mountain called Daisen.  More than 9 million of people climb the mountain.  If you are not confident enough in climbing the mountain, then go to Tottori hana kairou.  Colorful flowers are planted outside with the background of Daisen mountain.  A great way to enjoy the mountain and beautiful nature.

Hawai Hot spring (はわい温泉)

The name of the hot spring is the same as a state in U.S.  That is the reason why this hot spring is known to Japanese people.   The hot spring was built on the lake.  There is still Togo Lake (東郷湖) next to the hot spring which offers a great view.

Togo Lake (東郷湖) and mountains.