When to travel?

Aichi is generally very mild in climate, without any snow during winter.  The summer temperature could be as hot as 35 degrees, so it is better to avoid this season.

Best season: Mar-Nov (June is monsoon, Jul-Aug could be very hot and humid)
Cherry blossoms: end Mar-Apr
Foliage: Nov

Events / Festivals

End of Mar-Apr: Iwakura Sakura festival (岩倉桜まつり), Iwakura 岩倉
End of Mar-Apr: Okazaki Sakura cherry blossom festival (岡崎桜まつり), Okazaki 岡崎
Apr: Inuyama festival (犬山祭), Inuyama 犬山
Jul: Toyohama Seabream festival (豊浜鯛祭り), Toyohama 豊浜
Jul: Owari Tsuchima Tenno festival (尾張津島天王祭), Tsushima 津島
Aug: Nippon Domannaka festival (日本どまんなか祭), Nagoya

Touristic spots

Capital city: Nagoya (名古屋)

It is a capital of the prefecture, as well as the region’s.  The access to the city is super easy from anywhere, because Nagoya is right in the middle of Japan.  The city is huge so that there are more modern and urban spots to see.

Nagoya city center, the main street Hisaya Odori (久屋大通) and park.
Nagoya castle (名古屋城).  Golden fish on top of the castle.
The street with the old ambiance.  The street of Arimatsu (有松).

Inuyama (犬山)

Located close to the border of Gifu, this valuable castle still has the beauty of when it was constructed.   Although we have quite a few castles throughout Japan, there are only 12 castles with the original roof.  Inuyama castle is one of them, and one of the five National Treasures of Japan.  The castle was built in 1469 by one of the most famous military General Oda family (織田).

Inuyama castle is accessible from Nagoya, which only takes 25 minutes by rapid train.  Like other castle cities, we can enjoy walking the traditional streets.

The view from the top of castle is amazing, you can see Kiso river (木曽川).
On the foot of Inuyama castle.

Korankei valley (香嵐渓)

This valley is a top visited place, especially during foliage time.  It is known as the best view point of foliage.  It takes only about 20 minutes by car from Nagoya.  However, you have to be reminded that the road will be heavily crowded during this period.

The entrance to Kojakuji temple (香積寺).

The entrance to Kojakuji temple (香積寺).

Built in 702, this temple has been playing an important role in the region.  There are 1425 steps before the entrance.  The gate of the temple is nominated as Important Cultural Property.

Long steps before the entrance.

Toyokawa Inari shrine (豊川稲荷)

Inari is a shrine of fox, and this Toyokawa Inari is considered to be the top three Inari shrines.  Every year, more than 5 million of people come here to wish for a success in their business.  The temple was built in 1441.

Shrine of foxes.

Yuya Hot spring (湯谷温泉)

Aichi is not a prefecture of mountain, however, there are few nice hot springs.  Yuya Hot spring is one of them.  The hot spring has a history of more than 1300 years.  Some free foot bath is available in the city.