Cherry blossoms and the blue sky.
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Cherry blossom forecast in Japan 2023!

The best season has come.

Today, the Japan Weather Association (JWA) has announced that the very first cherry blossom has bloomed in Tokyo. It is the earliest blooming in the record, 6 days earlier than last year and 10 days earlier than the average. This is because the weather in Japan last week was so warm that the flower came to bloom a lot earlier, although it is expected to be cold and rainy in the coming week.

Many of the tourists should be looking forward to coming to Japan after so many years of travel restriction. It is definitely the best season of Japan, and you have to check their “blooming forecast” and plan carefully.

Isn’t it too late to visit if cherry blossom is already blooming?

Some of you may wonder if the cherry blossom is already blooming at this moment, by the time you visit Japan may be too late to enjoy flowers. Actually, JWA announces the bloom of the cherry blossom when they observe 5-6 flowers in standard trees. For example, in Tokyo, there is a standard tree at Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社), and when there are some flowers blooming on this tree, they officially announce the bloom of the cherry blossom in Tokyo. It will still take some more days or week to see them fully blooming.


Expected dates of bloom are as follows.

Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kochi 16 March
Nagoya 18 March
Kagoshima, Hiroshima 20 March
Kyoto, Osaka 22 March
Kanazawa 28 March
Fukushima, Sendai 29 March
Nagano 5 April
Aomori 15 April
Sapporo 26 April
Kushiro 9 May

桜開花・満開情報 2023 – 日本気象協会

So, when is the expected date of full bloom?


Kochi, Fukuoka, Tokyo 24 March
Nagoya 27 March
Hiroshima 28 March
Kagoshima, Kyoto, Osaka 30 March
Kanazawa 1 April
Fukushima 3 April
Sendai 4 April
Nagano 10 April
Aomori 20 April
Sapporo 30 April
Kushiro 12 May

桜開花・満開情報 2023 – 日本気象協会

As you can see cherry blossom in Tokyo was expected to be blooming on the 16, which actually took place on 14, it could be a bit earlier than the expected dates.

What if the bloom is expected to be over?

Even though we plan carefully, there are a lot of factors that affects the condition of the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms normally start blooming from south to north, in other words where the temperature is higher to lower. If you are visiting somewhere where the bloom is expected to be over, then try to look for other destination whose temperature is lower.

It must be the greatest opportunity for you to come to Japan during this season. We are sure that it will be an unforgettable experience.

If you are coming over to Japan and would like to make your journey a perfect one, please feel free to consult us.