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Travel with Tomo & Navito! 5N6D Halal Travel in Tokyo【5/20-25, 2024】

Travel with Influencers!

If you are a fan of Japan, then you most probably know these 2 Japanese men… Tomo and Navito! They have more than 2 million followers on Instagram and 12 million on YouTube! There is no doubt they are the most famous Japanese influencers on Social Media.

They have now came up with the idea to take more people to Japan, ensuring a comfortable environment for many Muslims, especially Indonesians and Malays. They will be traveling together with you all the way through your journey, being your perfect guide in Japan!

Read this article carefully to know why you have to take part in this journey, and make your dream Japan trip come true!

Bahasa Indonesia

Profile of Tomo and Navito


Hello! I’m Tomo, a Japanese YouTuber famous in Indonesia. I make videos about cultural differences between Japan and Indonesia. I have been part of the YouTube channel 「Nihongo Mantappu」 and am currently very interested in interacting with foreigners through a tour in Japan!

Hope to show more about Japan to everyone in the world!


Hey guys! I’m Navito, the most famous halal food influencer in Japan! I always share halal and mosque information for muslim travelers coming to Japan! My goal is to make the world more muslim friendly including Japan. I love to travel, eat, talk with people!

Why is this tour special?

This is very first trial for Tomo and Navito to organize a Japan Tour. As tour needs to be organized by a licensed travel agency according to Japanese law, we are gladly delegated by them to organize a dream tour for you.

Because this is the very first trial, we made the price very reasonable as we have to learn from our experience.
Also, everything you need in Japan (except for dinner to let you try what you prefer) is included, so what you have to do is only to hop on an airplane and land.


We have covered great/major destinations in Tokyo/Kanto region. In this itinerary, you will get to see historical and urban part of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and nature, Japanese castle and fish market in Odawara, and Big Buddha and serene temples in Kamakura.

  • Day 1
    (20 May)

    Show-up in the hotel and meet influencers and other participants. Get on the train and start your journey from Ginza and Tsukiji. Great Halal meal lunch in Ginza and snack experience at fish market.

  • Day 2
    (21 May)

    Visit Tokyo Camii for pray and indulge in the rich nature in Meiji Jingu and Yoyogi Park. Then walk to the most crowded area of Tokyo, Shibuya! The busiest crossing in the world and meet the Hachi statue.

  • Day 3
    (22 May)

    Your last day in Tokyo needs to be perfect, so let’s go to Asakusa to feel Japanese traditional vibes! You can see historical temples where you can try muslim friendly snacs, as well as famous shopping street full of Japanese goodies.

  • Day 4
    (23 May)
    Mt. Fuji

    Let’s wake up early in the morning to head to the tallest mountain, Fuji! The tallest mountain of Japan has been part of our culture, but now it is the most visited and popular touristic spot by foreigners as well.

    We have planned an itinerary to let you enjoy great nature and lake view, and to finish with Halal BBQ experience!

  • Day 5
    (24 May)

    We continue to the city of hot springs, Hakone. This is the resort that has been visited by Japanese people on their honeymoon.

    We will have foot bath Onsen experience, along with Owakudani valley and black boiled egg, which is believed to extend your life expectancy. Feel the heat of the earth and what it brings to our life in Japan.

  • Day 6
    (25 May)
    Odawara and Kamakura

    Shall we see some less known cities, too? Odawara is not that famous among foreign tourists, but it is a great spot to enjoy Japanese castle and fresh fish market!

    After Odawara, we will continue to Kamakura, a city expected to be the next UNESCO heritage site. Meet Big Buddha and Samurai history. Farewell at Tokyo station.

*Pictures just as reference.
*Price of snacks/entrance ticket not included

What is included in the tour and price?


IncludedNot included
5 nights medium range hotel (3 Tokyo, 1 Kawaguchiko, 1 Odawara)
5 Breakfast, 6 Lunch, 1 BBQ dinner, All Halal
All transportation (chartered bus and trains), please be noted that we will ask you to walk within Tokyo city.
Mosque visit for pray
Guide (Tomo and Navito)
Translator (Indonesian)
Air ticket and Transportation between hotel and airport, ropeway and Pirate Ship
Dinner, please choose your preferred dinner from the list of Halal restaurants.
Entrance ticket including teamLab
Snack, Beverage
City tax if any


160,000 yen (about 1075 USD, 17.000.000 IDR) per person on 2 persons sharing one room basis.
*We accept Single Traveler request with additional charge. (250USD)
*No Children discount.

We have only 20 seats and you will be waitlisted if we exceed this number, so please be quick to save the spot.
The tour may be cancelled if the participants do not reach the minimum number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tour include Air Ticket?

No, so you can choose the flight that you like.

What is the Muslim-friendly tour?

Muslim-friendly tour means Halal restaurants and food are provided, as well as mosque visit where possible.

I am not an Indonesian/Malay or Muslim. Can I join the tour?

We provide Indonesian speaking translator, but it does not restrict other nationality/language speaker.

We are very happy to welcome non-Muslim customers, however, as this is a Muslim-friendly tour, please show your respect to the religion and act accordingly.

Do you have any other date?

As of now, we only have this date.

Is the food Halal in Japan?

We try our best to offer you the best possible solution for the status of your food, however, as Japan is not a Muslim country, please understand that there is a small chance that we can not trace back all the ingredients.

Why is Dinner not included? Will all the food be served in a restaurant?

We did not include dinner intentionally as we believe you all have different preferences. We will give some suggestions on your Halal dinner, so don’t worry!

Some breakfasts will be served in a lunchbox.

Do we have free time?

Yes, you will have some free time in Tokyo and Odawara, about 2-3 hours each day.

Is the tour insured? What if we fall in sick?

Yes, the tour is safely insured by Japanese Tourism Department. Translator in hospital, medical care, damage to property and all other possible risks during your trip are covered.

This is limited from the time you enter until leaving Japan.

I want to go to Kyoto/Osaka/other destinations.

Yes, you can. As what you have to do is just to show up at the meeting point on 20 May, you may travel anywhere you would like before and after the tour.

We can accomodate your request, check Halal Travel with Us.

Can we choose Double/Twin bed?

We try our best to accomodate your request, however, please understand that the room type depends on the availability of the hotel and we do not have control for this.

Is the tour confirmed?

As we need minimun number of participants, the tour is not confirmed. In case we are made to cancel the tour, we will let you know by 20 April.

Even if we are to cancel the tour, we can still offer you the hotel room, transportation plan and Halal restaurants, so do not hesitate to decide your Japan vacation.

Is our privacy protected?

Please understand that we will take photo and video of the participants for the future tour, which means these data will be used on our website/instagram/YouTube.

All other personal information such as your name, date of birth, or payment information are protected and will not be disclosed without your consent.

Cancellation fee

We will be charging Cancellation Fee as follows:

On or before 31 March, 2024 (JST) 10%
1st -30th April, 2024 (JST)30%
1st May-6th May, 2024 (JST)60%
After 7th May, 2024 (JST)90%
No show100%
Please remember, that above Cancellation Fee will be applied no matter what the reason is.

Please be noted that we reserve right to cancel or change the tour contents without prior notification.
You will be waitlisted in case we reach maximum number of participants.

Partial participation

With so many requests from people who can not attend the whole itinerary, we have finally decided to open Partial Participation, to meet as many more people as possible!

If you are interested, please contact us from the below contact form along with the tour number that you want to join and number of participants.

Tour number & Date1: 20 May2: 21 May3: 22 May4: 23 May5: 24 May6: 25 May
Tsukiji food tour
Tokyo Camii
Meiji Jingu
Yoyogi Park
Masjid, Food tour, Sensoji Temple
Mt. Fuji
Oishi Park,
Fuji Yoshida Honcho
Owakudani, Foot bath, Pirate ship (ticket not included)
Odawara castle
Head to Kamakura from Odawara
“City of Samurai” Kamakura
Included*Transportation to GinzaTransportation to Tokyo Camii, and then to ShibuyaTransportation to AsakusaBus from Tokyo all the way to Mt. Fuji and touristic spots
Halal BBQ
Bus from Kawaguchiko to Hakone, and then to OdawaraBus from Odawara to Kamakura, and then to Tokyo
Show up & farewell atAPA Hotel Nihonbashi/ShibuyaAPA Hotel Nihonbashi/ShibuyaAPA Hotel Nihonbashi/
APA Hotel Nihonbashi/Fujisan Resort HotelFujisan Resort Hotel/Odawara Toyoko InnToyoko Inn Odawara/Tokyo Station
Price20000 yen24000 yen18000 yen32000 yen26000 yen26000 yen
*All of the itineraries included Lunch/Insurance/Headset/Guide.

Please be noted…

We basically ask all the customers to book their hotel. Transportation to your own hotel is not included, please be noted that it will be at your expense.

We ask customers to show up at the show up point, no other place. However, if you would like to leave the tour, you can do so at your timing.

Tickets to religious sites/ropeway/pirate ship/teamlab is not included.

How to apply for the tour?

Read carefully and if you agree with above Terms&Conditions, please let us know from this Contact Form, with number of participants.

    After receiving your application, we will send you a credit card payment link. We can accept Bank Transfer, too.

    Your seat will be confirmed only after we receive your payment. As we only have 20 seats available, be quick to save the spot!

    Travel Plan

    Travel with Tomo & Navito! 5N6D Halal Travel in Tokyo【5/20-25, 2024】

    Tokyo/Mt. Fuji/Hakone/Odawara/Kamakura
    20-25 May, 2024
    160,000 JPY per person (about 1075 USD, 17.000.000 IDR)
    Indonesian, Malay, English, Japanese
    Lunch included
    To bring
    Comfortable shoes, clothing, Jacket
    Physical requirement
    We will ask participants to walk during Tokyo sightseeing. Arakurayama has 400 steps, if you are not sure if you can make this or not, please stay in the bus. Entrance fee/snack/beverage and Dinner is not included. If you would like to avoid religious sites such as shrine/temple, let the guide know. We do not have Lady Guide. Kids/Toddlers are welcome to join, however, please supervise them for the comfort of other participants. We can not accomodate request for room type.