Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Tateyama, Chiba

Warm and tranquil heaven, discover Chiba.

Chiba is warm and it is a secret ocean resort.  The area is rather nomadic and tranquil, but this is the reason why we can relax from our bottom of heart, especially in the luxurious villa.

Blue wide ocean is waiting for you, with the bright sunshine.  It is up to you if you would like to stay and relax in the villa, or to be in the great nature.

Trip details

130 minutes from Tokyo by train
300 minutes from Osaka
Minimum: 2N3DNature
Throughout a year  

Hotel details

The Earl Monterey house

130$ (8 persons) -350$ (2 persons)
per person, per night
BBQ and Steak*
Hors d’oeuvre*
Up to 8 personsKitchen
Gazebo (Party room)

*Meals can be ready only by making a reservation through our website.

What’s available to see?

Tateyama (館山)

A beautiful ocean awaits you in Tateyama at the end of Boso Peninsula.  You will be woken up by the sound of waves from the ocean and have a nutritious breakfast under the bright sunshine.  Your task of the day is just to sit back and relax with your loved ones.

Tateyama Castle (館山城)

Tateyama Castle was built in 1580 and was abandoned as early as in 1614.  The Castle is located after a light steep, so that many people casually visit the site to enjoy seasonal flowers, such as cherry blossoms or foliage.

Sakata Port (坂田漁港)

Fishing boat experience.  If you are above the age of 6 and with a prior reservation, you can join the fisherman boat and see how they catch fish.  After catching fish, you will be taken to a hot spring, which you can skip, and then enjoy fresh Sashimi along with our halal soy sauce.
*Reservation required.
*No English guide available.
*Price $30 per person

Cliff Buddha (崖観音)

If you are bored with relaxing, then head for the Cliff Buddha as a short trip.  After going up the steep stairs, you will meet the Buddha, which is said to have been engraved back in 8th century.  

Mt. Nokogiri (鋸山)

Nokogiri literally means “a saw”.  The mountain is about 330 meters, and there are some nature touristic spots.  One of them is a cliff that extends from the edge, called Jigoku Nozoki, a hell watch.  Another is Japan Temple, Nihon Dera, with a big Budda engraved on a huge rock.

Highlights of the travel

Flower heaven in a warm climate.

Nature with a view of Mt. Fuji.

Fishing and Agricultural experience. Strawberry picking experience.

Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Tateyama, Chiba

310USD+meals, transportation on your request
Nature, Family, Beach
Physical requirement
Halal / Muslim-friendly meals are prepared only when making a reservation through our service.