Travel Plan

1N2D-2N3D Halal Travel to Mt. Fuji and Fruit Pick

A place of Mt. Fuji and Fruit heaven, Yamanashi

Yamanashi, as name indicates in Japanese, is a place of mountains.  Their representative is the highest mountain of Japan, Mt. Fuji. 

Many tourists would only enjoy a glimpse of the mountain and head back to Tokyo area.  However, did you know that there are so many spots where you can enjoy the great Japanese nature around the area?

With our perfect itinerary made for Muslims, you can fully enjoy this beautiful mountain as well as amazing nature, without wasting your precious time with great Halal meals and masjid visit.

Glimpse of Yamanashi tour

100 minutes from Tokyo by bus
300 minutes from Osaka by bullet train
Standard Plan: 1N2D
Fruit Pick Plan: 2N3D
Standard Plan: Throughout a year  
Fruit pick plan: TBA

What’s included in this itinerary?

Day 1

After safely arriving into Yamanashi, leave your luggage in your hotel and time to enjoy and experience a little bit of local cuisine.

Hoto is a traditional noodle eaten in Yamanashi. Learn how to make one and enjoy the taste as they are served Halal.

KawaguchikoLake is definitely the best place to enjoy Mt. Fuji.

The colors of the scenery changes season to season, and every time you come to this place, you can enjoy the different scenery of the Japanese beauty.

*Kochia blooms in fall.

See Mt. Fuji in people’s life. Shopping arcade and Mt. Fuji.

Enjoy a great local Japanese Halal restaurant and then head back Kawaguchiko town for pray and then to hotel.

Day 2

After a great breakfast at lake side, head to this village with traditional old house perfectly matches the Mt. Fuji. Thatched houses with seasonal green and flower will take you to a real japanese countryside experience.

After lunch, head to Oshino Hakkai where water from Mt. Fuji springs. Clean and pure water is so clear that you can see fish swimming in the pond.

Highlight of the Mt. Fuji. This view with Mt. Fuji and five storied Pagoda is what represents Japan, and will be your ever-lasting memory in Japan.

As it requires going up 300+ steps, let us know if you would like to avoid an activity that requires physical strength.

If you are on our Standard Plan, your journey ends here.

Day 3 (Fruit Pick Plan)

Head to capital of the farm and enjoy fruit pick experience! Yamanashi is a fruit heaven and there are variety of fruits available for pick. Ask what fruit is available at the time of your visit.

After a lunch, head to Shosenkyo gorge to rejuvenate yourself in a rich nature. This nature sanctuary has refreshing green and colorful foliage.

45 minutes- 1 hour walk.

Yamanashi is famous for their honey thanks to their nature! Visit one of the farms that sell natural honey, and quench your thirst with their honey lemon drink.

After get back to Kawaguchiko station, we go back to Tokyo.


Yamanashi has great accommodation. Their camp site called Glamping is fitted with luxurious facility, and you can enjoy staing under a starry night.

Choose the hotel / accommodation that you are interested in. Hotel price will be determined only after your date/number of persons are confirmed.




Highland Resort Hotel & Spa


High range

La Vista Kawaguchiko



We can prepare Halal Wagyu BBQ set on request, on a condition that the customer put the fire on and organize the kitchen after use. Also, we might ask customers to be at home to receive the parcel.

yl & Co.Hotel in Mt.Fuji



All popular and major Mt. Fuji spots covered in two days.

Family-friendly, all with private taxi.

Rich and deep nature, camping.


From 108,000 yen per person for Standard Plan (1N2D), 169,000 yen for Fruit Pick Plan (2N3D) when 2 persons traveling.

The final bill will be determined by your choice of hotel, date and number of participants.
Hotel can be arranged to higher/lower range.
As Taxi/Glamping site can be shared, the price per person will be lower when shared by more participants, as low as 69,800 yen instead of 108,000 yen for Standard Plan for 4 persons.

What is included in the itinerary?

IncludedNot included
Transportation within Yamanashi (Taxi charter)
Halal meal arrangement
Hoto making experience, 1 lunch
Masjid Visit
Fruit Pick entrance fee
1 or 2 nights Hotel stay
Translator/Concierge service throughout your stay
Entrance ticket
Transportation to/from Tokyo or other city*
Halal BBQ Meat ***
* Price from Shibuya station (one way) is 2,200 yen per person by Public bus.
**Halal restaurant will be indicated by us. About 1000-3000 yen per person.
***can be added with extra fee.

Interested in the tour?

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    Travel Plan

    1N2D-2N3D Halal Travel to Mt. Fuji and Fruit Pick

    Recommended during Spring to Fall
    From 69,800 yen
    Nature, Family, Countryside
    Lunch included
    To bring
    Comfortable shoes, Jacket
    Physical requirement
    Hotel and Guide can be arranged to your liking. Price is calculated 2 persons traveling and sharing room together. Price will be lower if traveled by more participants as Taxi / Glamping site can be shared. Fruit Pick Plan may not be available when it is off-season.