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2N3D Halal Travel in Shizuoka

The best destination to enjoy Mt. Fuji.

Shizuoka is a nomadic and tranquil city, whose main touristic spot is Mt. Fuji.  If you are into Japanese anime, you may know the city from “Maruko”.

Because Mt. Fuji is one of the most famous views in Japan, there are sometimes too many people, and the sightseeing is not easy.  However, if you spend few days in Shizuoka, then you can enjoy the view in a relaxed mode.

Trip details

100 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train
130 minutes from Osaka by bullet train
Minimum: 2N3DNature
Throughout a year  

Hotel details


Japanese old traditional houses were made into a luxurious villa for you to stay.

100$ (8 persons) -300$ (2 persons)
 per person, per night
Muslim-friendly restaurant
BBQ and Steak*
Hors d’oeuvre*
Up to 8 personsKitchen

*Meals can be ready only by making a reservation through our website.

What’s available to see?

Shizuoka (静岡)

Your journey starts from Shizuoka city.  One of the three best views of pine trees, Miho no Matubara, is a place where Mt. Fuji is enjoyed without any obstruction.

Mochimune (用宗)

Check-in the luxurious Japanese villa at Mochimune, called NIHONIRO.  Then walk along a quiet port where you can relax and enjoy a tranquil Japanese ambiance.  There is also a beach and sophisticated shops available.

Ito (伊東)

Ito is a famous hot spring spot, but it is not intended only for human!  Capibara is a kind of animal originally from South America, and we can see them taking a bath in Izu Shaboten Animal Park, which will be an unforgettable memory in Japan.

Tea Picking experience (茶摘み体験)

Tea picking experience, available from April-June and September-October. Shizuoka produces the largest amount of Japanese Green tea, and their tea picking experience is a must-do!  You can even try their costume, too. After picking leaves, you can enjoy their fresh green tea and greet tea soft cream, too.  

*Reservation required.
*Price $35 per person


Staying at Japanese old villa. Image as your reference.

Nature with a view of Mt. Fuji.

Great seafood is available, which can be Muslim-friendly.  Bring our halal soy sauce to enjoy more.

Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Shizuoka

240USD+meals, transportation on your request
Nature, Family, Beach
Physical requirement
Halal / Muslim-friendly meals are prepared only when making a reservation through our service.