Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Nagano

Mountain, temple and monkeys… all available.

Have you ever dreamt of staying at the real Japanese countryside?  Yes, you can do that in Nagano.  Nagano is a mountain prefecture and the people have cultivated their life in the nature.  At the foot of the mountains, there are numerous beautiful Japanese villages available.

With the luxurious villa renovated from Japanese old houses, the experience in Nagano will be even more unique and only one for you.

Trip details

220 minutes from Tokyo by train
220 minutes from Osaka by train
Minimum: 3N4DNature
Culture & History
Throughout a year  

Hotel details


A luxurious villa in the rice field, using real Japanese old houses.

110$ (8 persons) -440$ (2 persons)
per person, per night
BBQ and Steak*
Hors d’oeuvre*
Up to 8 personsKitchen
Japanese old house

*Meals can be ready only by making a reservation through our website.

What’s available to see?

Matsumoto (松本)

Matsumoto is a big touristic city, with a valuable Japanese Castle.  See the details here. In this city, you can enjoy both cultural and nature experience, and it is all within a day-trip distance.

Satoyama Villa DEN (Satoyama Villa 田)

Check-in our beautiful villa where you can feel a real life in a Japanese countryside.  The Japanese old houses were renovated into the luxurious villa.   Satoyama is the border between human life and mountain, where there usually was a rice field, so it is a perfect spot for the people who would like to see a life in a Japanese countryside.   Picture as a reference.

Kamikochi (上高地)

The most touristic spot in Nagano and in Japan.  It is the best spot to see the amazing nature view.  A day hiking will surely take your stress away.   Taishoike pond (大正池) is another touristic place, but you can get there only by driving a car or by taking Taxi.

Jigokudani Snow Monkey (地獄谷野猿公苑)

Although it takes more than 1 hour to get to the place, one of the most popular tours that we have in Japan is feasible; it is Monkeys in hot springs! The Monkeys can be seen throughout a year, but the typical image is with white snow, which could be during wintertime.  However, as it requires 25 minutes of climbing the mountain, it may be a better idea to choose during summertime as the walk will be easier.

Soba-making Experience (そば打ち体験)

Soba buckwheat noodle is one of the Muslim-friendly meals in Japan.  As Nagano is rich in clean water, their buckwheat noodle is one of the must-dos, so why not participating in the Soba-making experience?

*Please be noted that the noodle soup could contain some Alcoholic seasonings, but of course not enough amount in intoxicating you. Price:  $40

Chausu Yama (茶臼山)

Chausu Yama is a touristic park where you can see seasonal flowers and foliage.  The altitude of the mountain is about 1400m high, so that you can see different sceneries throughout a year, including snow during wintertime.

Highlights of the travel

Stay at a real Japanese countryside.

The most renown nature beauty in Japan.

The only scenery.

Snow activity in winter.

Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Nagano

Mountain activity from May - October, Winter activity from December - March
270USD+meals, transportation on your request
Nature, Family, Countryside, Culture & History
Physical requirement
Halal / Muslim-friendly meals are prepared only when making a reservation through our service.