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2N3D Halal Travel in Kamakura

Find old and new faces of a city of Samurai.

Kamakura is a city of Samurai.  The city was built by a group of soldiers as a capital of Japan for the first time ever in the Japanese history in 1192, though the governance terminated only after 150 years.

With so many attractive historical spots, along with a beautiful ocean, there are so many things that you must see and do in this city.  The city is definitely worth staying for a week.

Trip details

80 minutes from Tokyo by train
210 minutes from Osaka
Minimum: 2N3DCulture & History
Throughout a year  

Hotel details

ZUSHI Funny house

85$ (7 persons) -165$ (2 persons)
per person, per night
Muslim-friendly restaurant
BBQ and Steak*
Hors d’oeuvre*
Up to 7 personsKitchen

*Meals can be ready only by making a reservation through our website.

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What’s available to see?

Kamakura (鎌倉)

Meet the symbol of Kamakura; a Big Buddha at Kotokuin temple (高徳院).  This is one of the most famous Big Buddhas in Japan whose height is as tall as 11meters.  You can choose to go through the body of the Buddha for the small fee of about 20 cents.

Enoshima (江の島)

The area is also a haven for beach lovers.  Many surfers are dreaming of coming to this beach for the waves, but this is also a great beach as you can sometimes enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.

Odawara (小田原)

Odawara and the surrounding area is attracting so many tourists for their great hot springs and Japanese castle. 

Byobugaura (屛風浦)

This is a hidden treasure of Kanagawa.  Byobugaura is a beach accessible from Kamakura, and surely would take your breath away, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Highlights of the travel

Flowers blooming, hydrangea from June is so famous in Kamakura.

The city is located at the foot of rich nature, where you can enjoy seasonal nature beauty.

Byobugaura (屛風浦)

Serene and tranquil walk in a bamboo forest.

Japanese sweets making.
*Prior reservation required.

Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Kamakura

Kamakura, Kanagawa
205USD+meals, transportation on your request
Culture & History, Family, Beach
Physical requirement
Halal / Muslim-friendly meals are prepared only when making a reservation through our service.