Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Hakodate and Southern Hokkaido

The most popular travel destination now available for Muslims.

Rich in both Japanese and Western buildings, Hakodate and Southern Hokkaido has been one of the most popular sites for Japanese tourists, which is to be found by foreign tourists, too.

Fresh seafood, unique ambiance and the easy access to rich nature is needless to say amazing, with a cool and comfortable summer and beautiful snow-white world in winter.

Trip details

80 minutes from Tokyo
95 minutes from Osaka
Minimum: 2N3DCulture & History
Family Nature
Mountain Activity:
Snow activity:

Hotel details

La Cachette

140$ (6 persons) -980$ (2 persons)
per person, per night
Private jacuzzi
Up to 6 personsBBQ and Steak*
Hors d’oeuvre*

*Halal Meals can be ready only by making a reservation through our website.

What’s available to see?

Hakodate (函館)

The area which represents Hakodate.  The area is full of old and western buildings and churches built by foreigners, so that a walk around the area would take you to a different country.

Hokuto (北斗)

Head for Hokuto’s Trappist monastery (トラピスト修道院), which is the most-visited site in the area.  Though it is Christian building, it is worth visiting because the monastery is located in a rich nature. They produce butter and dairy products using French method, which contributes to the great taste of their souvenir cookies.  *Their famous cookie does not contain shortening, which is a great souvenir for Muslims. Check the detail here.

Onuma Quasi-National Park (大沼国定公園)

Located on the way to Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido.  The Park is a resort by a big pond, with 126 small tiny islands.  Trekking takes about 50 minutes, or you can choose to go to Onuma Nagareyama Farm (大沼流山牧場) where you can meet a lot of animals to entertain your kids.   You can choose to stay at the camping site, too.

Matsumae (松前)

Visit the place where you can feel Japanese culture, too. Matsumae is rather a small city, but that makes the city very tranquil and serene.  The place also was a hub for Japanese government so that we can still enjoy Japanese culture in Hokkaido.

Highlights of the travel

Seafood heaven,
bring our Halal soy sauce and enjoy the best seafood.

Retro ambiance,
take a moment and relax in the old cafe and restaurant.

Hokkaido’s best activity, take your family to
real nature and mountain.

City known for the night view,
enjoy the view from the top of the mountain.

Travel Plan

2N3D Halal Travel in Hakodate and Southern Hokkaido

Hakodate and Southern Hokkaido
350USD+meals, transportation on your request
Food, Family, Couple, Historical walk
Physical requirement
Halal / Muslim-friendly meals are prepared only when making a reservation through our service.