Travel Plan

1N2D Halal Travel in Awaji Island, Hawaii in Japan.

The hottest island for Japanese and foreign tourists.

Hyogo is a diverse prefecture, with the north side facing to Japan Sea, while the south side facing to the Seto Inland Sea.

The prefecture also has the fourth biggest island of Japan, called Awaji Island.  With an easy access from Kobe, a tranquil and serene scenery with the best sunset view is waiting for you.

As seen from the fact that one of the biggest companies relocated their headquarter to Awaji Island, now the island is attracting so many tourists, and many recreational sites have opened.

This includes Hello Kitty and other Anime like Naruto, Demon slayer, Dragon Quest or Crayon Shinchan Theme Parks!

As Awaji Island is located between Kobe and Tokushima, you can stay in the island for some days and then continue to either place, too.

Glimpse of Awaji Tour

300 minutes from Tokyo by train
100 minutes from Osaka by train
Minimum: 1N2DNature
Throughout a year  

What’s included in this itinerary?

Day 1

After passing the former world’s longest bridge, Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, which is nearly 4 km, you will get to the beautiful island.

Akashi-Kaikyo is also a famous touristic spot where whirlpools can be seen.  It can be enjoyed better from a cruise.

A Happy Pancake

After check in the hotel and leave luggage, Taxi is waiting for you for your lunch and amazing ocean view.

Happy Pancake is a popular pancake chain in Japan, but their main branch is in this Awaji Island. Their food as well as pancakes are of great quality.

Awaji is chosen one of the best places to enjoy sunset. With their breathtaking nature beauty and attractions, everyone including couple/family can all enjoy the relaxed moment.


Awajishima is rich in seafood and fresh vegetables! With a cooperation from a local restaurant, we prepare special dish made for our Muslim customers.

Tempura is added to this course, which is served super fresh and crispy.

Day 2

You can choose your day from the below options to make an ideal trip!

Nijigen no Mori

This Theme park is a must visit if you are an Anime fan! The park is made to let people physically experience the world of anime, which is usually enjoyed at indoor.

There are Naruto, Demon slayer, Dragon Quest or Crayon Shinchan attractions, so you can spend whole day at this family-friendly place.

*Entrance fee to each attraction to be paid directly by travelers.

**As the restaurant inside the park has no Halal meal, we will ask you to eat outside of the park or to have a lunchbox.


Hello Kitty Theme park

Awajishima also has a Hello Kitty Theme park. There are three kinds of attractions: Hello Kitty SMILE, Apple and Showbox!

Each attraction is made to entertain not only kids but also adults, so you will never get bored!

Hello Kitty SMILE is a restaurant with vegan course, which can be enjoyed by our Muslim travelers, too.

Awaji Hana Sajiki

Huge flower park in Awaji Island where you can enjoy seasonal flowers along with blue ocean.  No matter you come, every season has its beautiful flowers blooming.

Fruit Pick

Awaji produces lots of vegetables and fruits, and they are available for fruits pick experience!

As vegetable / fruits available for pick depends on the season, ask what is available at the time of your visit.

Awaji England Hill (淡路イングランドの丘)

A theme park where the countryside in England is realized.  There are nature and animals, where a whole family can enjoy whole day.

ZEN Wellness Seinei (禅坊 靖寧)

If you are interested in Zen, Buddhist meditation, or Yoga, then this is the spot where you can practice their spirit with a panoramic view.

After detox, a Buddhism-style vegetarian meal prepared by a chef who is an expert in making fermented food is ready for you.

*The food is Buddhist-vegetarian, so it might contain a little bit of alcoholic seasoning.


High end

Awaji Grand Nikko Hotel


High Range Villa

Villa Mon Temps Awaji

We can prepare Halal Wagyu BBQ set on request, on a condition that the customer put the fire on and organize the kitchen after use. Also, we might ask customers to be at home to receive the parcel.

We can also ask a chef to come to your villa and cook for you with additional fee.


Highlights of the travel

Undiscovered beauty of Japan, relax at the beach and enjoy sunset

Fresh seafood, especially their seabream.
Bring our Halal soy sauce to enjoy more.

Wellness and Retreat, in a very chilled environment.

Full of nature, animals and family activities,
in a warm island.


From yen per person when 2 persons traveling together.

The final bill will be determined by your choice of hotel, date and number of participants.
Hotel can be arranged to higher/lower range.
As Taxi/Glamping site can be shared, the price per person will be lower when shared by more participants, as low as 69,800 yen instead of 108,000 yen for Standard Plan for 4 persons.

What is included in the itinerary?

IncludedNot included
Transportation within Awaji Island (Taxi charter)
Halal meal arrangement
1 Hotel stay**
Translator/Concierge service throughout your stay
Transportation to/from Awaji*
Masjid visit
Entrance / excursion fee

*750 yen per person from Kobe Sannomiya.
**To change to Villa, additional fee is necessary.

Interested in the tour?

    Travel Plan

    1N2D Halal Travel in Awaji Island, Hawaii in Japan.

    Awaji Island, Hyogo
    260USD+meals, transportation on your request
    Nature, Family, Countryside
    Physical requirement
    Halal / Muslim-friendly meals are prepared only when making a reservation through our service.